High Sierra Foxhound 50 Backpack

Hey, look


I’m not sure what the the intent of the square pack/outside stay design is…but it looks too cool!

“Nearly perfect” reviews on the green version over at sierratradingpost

It’s called an “external frame” backpack. It’s how they all used to be once upon a time. These are generally referred to as boy scout packs because they adjust well, are cheap, and are what most scouts cut their teeth on.

The up shot is that with the external frame you just keep clamping crap onto the pack as you go. They’re also normally pretty rugged and bullet-proof.

External frame packs really good for carrying heavy loads. it gives you a rigid platform to help evenly balance the heavy loads so they are “easier” to carry and control while hiking. I know of regular backpackers that will put 80lbs of gear in an external fram pack and hike up a mountain. I’ve seen youtubers who take inflatable two man backpacking rafts and paddles with them…

here’s a vid of nutnfancy laying out everything he puts in his…

oops wrong video… here NOT THE PACK LISTED just an example


Anyone know how the external crane falls on the back of a broad guy. In pretty broad, 54" shoulders. Adjustable?

Anybody know what the frame is made out of? I saw sites that said steel and others that said aluminum.

In for two. My son just crossed over.

It says the torso is only to 16-20", so that’ll be too small for my long torso with my 6’5" body… Sad, because I’m looking to get an external frame.

Frame: 6063-T5 aluminum alloy

Per Sierra Trading Post’s description

Wow this looks fantastic! I much prefer an external frame pack to internal in general. I feel more stable and I also like the flexibility of gear stashing. I feel like I can balance the weight better on my hips with the help of the external frame.

I’ll be working at Philmont Scout Ranch this summer and was in the market for a new pack but couldn’t justify paying 400 bucks.

I am hoping this will have enough capacity, I am used to a pack twice this size, but I think it’ll do nicely for the backpacking I’ll be doing.

I waited most of the day to decide to buy it, I looked around the internets to make sure it was a solid deal, I reckon it is.

I got the black, in retrospect that might not be the best for backpacking due to heat build up, but I’ll deal with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Very disappointed in this pack. I bought it for my 10 year old son. This is NOT a kids backpack. It was so big on him, that I bought him an adjustable High Sierra backpack, which he loves. I decided to save some money and just use this pack rather than buying a new one for myself. Even with the shoulder straps completely tightened, it was still too big in the shoulders for me, and I am 5’10" and 220 lbs. I will find an internal frame pack for myself, but will not recommend this pack to anyone else.