High Sierra Frame Packs

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at ebags.com and check out the product page

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High Sierra Frame Packs
Price: $59.99
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Was going to get one until I saw review-not great for a long hike…slippage issues :frowning:

First, neither of those are the model that is for sale in this Woot. Second, if you’re worried about it, triglides of various sizes and styles are cheap and readily available.
That having been said I don’t really know if the pack is any good or not, but it has enough favorable reviews elsewhere that it seems like a relatively good deal at the current price, even if it might not be stellar.

Lots of Reviews at Sunny Sports

Have a VERY similar one of these and love it. Well I did until it was converted to a litter box by an irate 30lb Maine coon.

Seriously debating purchasing this.

In my day, backpacks had the frame right out where you could see it. And lash a bunch of extra crap on to it. Extra crap you probably shouldn’t be carrying anyway.
What are these new-fangled internal frame packs hiding, that they feel a need to hide those frames?
What’s this world coming to?

If you are thinking about using this for long distance hiking, I don’t recommend doing so. At over 6 pounds, that is a beast, even at that capacity. Weight is everything. If you plan on hiking the AT, CDT, or PCT with this thing, I suggest re-planning. I’m not saying it cannot be done, but shaving 3-4 pounds off your total weight is a big deal.

I’ve seen some pretty good packs sold here on Woot with great weights. Bought one last year that is 1.9 lbs. (and isn’t a day pack).

If you just need a pack for weekend trips, etcetera, I’m sure this would be fine. But for distance hiking, weight is everything.

Just my $.02

when I used to do some hiking, 6 lbs was considered light. we usually went up into the Rockies of Wyoming for a week too. Now that I think about it, our hiking boots weighed 5lbs… now they come in at maybe 2?

Who needs a 75L pack for weekend trips?

75L is for a longer, 6-7 day trip. Weekend is 50L pack.

This pack isn’t light but it’s really not that heavy either. Looking for a pack this size less than 4-5 lbs is going to cost you real money. For this price, this pack is a deal and should be able to take you 10 days in 3 seasons.

As some one who sells packs ( part time) where is the lumbar dimensions that this will fit? It’s adjustable, but over what ranges?

Edit just found it on antoher site
Adjustable for a 15 in. - 20 in. torso length

Does anyone know how well this would work for someone who is 6ft 5in tall?

I have the same backpack, and I’m 6’4". Once you get it adjusted right, it works wonderfully! Very comfortable, but make sure it sits on top of your waist. The pack is adjustable for your height, and I did have it at it’s max height, but it still worked well. I don’t think one more inch of height would’ve made a difference.

I’m sure a family taking their kids, mom or dad could use this to carry what their kids can’t/won’t.

I own this same backpack in orange. I LOVE it. I’ve only taken it out once, but to was for 7 days in the Paria Canyon. It saw it’s fair share of dirt, rock, scrapes, and adventure. Not a single rip! It’s also very comfortable and has plenty of compartments for your needs. I survived out of it for 7 days, so it has certainly withstood my tests. Highly recommended!

I wholeheartedly concur. I started thru-hiking the AT with a 70L, 5lb pack like this, and quickly discovered it was too heavy and waaay more space than I needed, so I switched to a ~50L pack that weighed 2lbs (total pack weight fluctuated between 25-35lbs, depending on food). Not to say I didn’t see some big guys with ginormous packs like this, carrying 60lbs the whole way, but they were in the minority. Huge heavy packs is certainly is how backpacking used to be, and no doubt what many of you are used to, but I strongly encourage everyone take advantage of the new lightweight materials available and go as light as your pocketbook allows (and it’s not that hard to find good deals or used equipment). Your back will thank you and you will be much happier!!

That sounds like just a simple case of getting more capacity than you really need/want, not necessarily a failing of the pack itself. If you do actually need the capacity, then that means you’re carrying a lot regardless and another pound (or even close to three) isn’t going to make enough difference to really be worth 2-4X+ the price, unless you plan to use it a ton. It might make more sense to think of it as percentage of total weight rather than “x.x lbs.” One can save a pound or two just by leaving behind a relatively small and unnecessary item or switching out some heavier items for lighter ones.
If it’s a serious obsession and you go every week then I could see a justification for high tech gear that’s as light as possible despite the expense, but for less serious backpackers who want or need larger capacity and are on a budget, $65 shipped seems pretty hard to beat without going second-hand.

I do notice several of the reviews mention that the hip belt is too large for skinny folks (under 32" or so it seems) and some mention the straps gradually loosening and needing to be cinched back up (which could be improved by adding a set of triglides).