High Sierra Piranha 10L Hydration Packs

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High Sierra Piranha 10L Hydration Packs
Price: $27.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 26 to Tuesday, Jan 27) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about the warranty and all about High Sierra

Bought this last spring. It’s actually a pretty good little pack for a day hike. Comfy straps, no nasty plastic taste from the bladder and still plenty of space for snacks and a few other rando things.

I was looking online at reviews and a couple people mentioned the bladder slips out of the clip and spills water down their back… Is that an issue you’ve had (or can see happening) or was it caused by people using the pack wrong?

So, I did notice when I first got the pack that clip was SUUUUPER greased. I took a paper towel and kinda wiped some of it out. But I think I can see that happening if you overfill the bladder, too. Personally, I haven’t experienced any spilling or leaking, though.

I’ve owned an earlier version of this pack and was quite happy with it. I had a screw-top water reservoir, though, which is different than this model. This one has a reservoir system more akin to the Platypus Big Zip or Source hydration bladders.

The thing about cheaper hydration backpacks is that they use cheaper reservoirs. You’re just not going to find the durability on any low-cost reservoir as you’ll find with Camelbak or Osprey or Platypus. The bonus, though, is that you can insert any reservoir you want - so if and when the reservoir does break or leak (which is common if you use it a lot) all you need to do is get a better water bladder, which cost around $30 for a good one. (and, you’re right, it’s possible the reviewers weren’t using the product correctly)

There is no indestructible water bladder (Camelbak comes the closest), so don’t let that be the deterrent for you on this particular pack. Woot’s price is really good ($100 as regular cost is silly, though), and High Sierra definitely makes some decent products for lower cost.

Note also that the pictures don’t show some cool add-ons, like the attached mesh pouch that can cover the whole back of the pack allowing the wearer to carry a jacket or bike helmet.

4.6 Stars over at eBags

On 10/03/2014, I bought the “Wahoo”, which appears to be basically the same model with only a couple cosmetic differences. I was excited because, at this price, I could get a much roomier bag w/chest strap compared to anything Camelbak could offer. I took it out for a light jog once, and about 10 minutes in the seam on the right shoulder strap burst. No reason at all. Just poorly manufactured.

I now understand why Camelbak costs more. You get what you pay for.

Thought “10L” was very misleading. The bladder is only 2L… damn

I agree. “Model 10L” or something and some bold it’s only 2L would be great.

I bought two of these during a previous Woot sale and have had issues with each. The first is the clip tends to slip off the top of the bladder which causes you to get soaked. I solved this by folding the bladder past the clip and putting a small binder clip on it. The second problem is both the bite valves started leaking after we used them for skiing in single digit weather. The valves would freeze up and we would put them in our mouth to thaw but eventually both started leaking. My son used a Camelback in the same weather and he did not experience any leaking issues. I sent the company an email and to their credit, they sent two replacement bladders. I was really hoping they would have changed the clip design but it appears to have the same slipping problem. I may end up buying Camelback bladders and using them instead.

If you look on Amazon at a close up of the bag it even says 10 liter. 10 liters of what? If the bladder is only 2 liters.

The 10L is the size of the bag, meaning you should be able to put 10L worth of gear into the bag.

Liters is a common unit of measurement of bag capacity, along with cubic inches, in the outdoor world.

I’m OK with that, I don’t have a 10L bladder either…

Woot is actually selling something that is going to be useful for me on a daily basis!

Thanks Woot!

How would these hold up to being used in an obstacle course race? anyone use them in that way?

I purchased 2 similar models at Costco last year and pulled them out only to realize they both leak from the bite valve. I was looking to see if they cover the bladder under the warranty, your response answered my question. I wish they came with a 3 l bladder. I was going down a gorge and went dry half way thru. I ended up buying an alps from REI on clearance for $10 more and a slightly larger pack and 3 l bladder.