High Sierra Sports Solo Lumbar Pack



Fanny pack!


This could be the best White Elephant gift ever. Well, that and a Bedazzler…


don’t you dare call it a fanny pack, it is clearly marked as a “lumbar pack”


Lumbar Pack, LMAO. If they called it a fanny pack, It would take 4x longer to sell.


A fanny pack by another name does it not scream dork just as loud?


These actually work great if you are training for a marathon and need to take water and gels with you on a 20 mile run.

Just sayin’


Oh, it’s a lumbar pack and it’s OK…


Maybe I can put my eyeglass repair kit in it. That and my graphing calculator and mechanical pencils.


I don’t understand why this would retail for $50. Does this do something spectacular? Fanny pack with a water bottle–maybe worth $20 tops.


Fanny packs are great for keeping your passport and disposable camera handy but tucked away, without getting your hawaiian shirt all sweaty and wrinkled like a backpack would. I just wish this one came in neon colors. Then it might match my cap with neck-shade.