High Sierra Summit 45 Frame Packs

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High Sierra Summit 45 Frame Packs
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New


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Here are some Amazon reviews.

Maybe now I’ll go hiking… or fill my garage up with more stuff I don’t use!!! UGGGHHH!

I got some of these last time they were up. They are very nice and well built. My son is a pack collecting fanatic and loves his.

I’m a 6’1" man. Would this pack be too small/short for me?

I’m an avid backpacker and outdoors person. I’ve hiked many hundreds of miles with a pack strapped to my back. We came across these packs on sale and bought one for my wife and we both can attest, they are complete and utter shit if you really want to get into the backcountry and walk some distance. Sure they look like they’re the real deal but the truth is that the material is very thick and therefore heavy and the frame doesn’t adjust well and is weirdly shaped and won’t your back and hips. We’ve taken this pack out a few times and she couldn’t take the pain any longer so we picked up another brand and now this one hangs in the garage collecting dust.

TL;DR: Don’t waste your money on this pack.

Dang. Was going to buy until I read this post.

Take his review with a word of caution - that backpacks, like anything, aren’t a one model fits all. That’s why there are so many. This could fit you well with some adjustments and it may not. That woot is a no return is roll of the dice.

available on ebay for the same price.

I am 6ft 1 also, The 45 l is the size of the pack. Their is not a ton of adjustability on the straps in the back for our height, but this should accommodate us

I just went on e bay, lowest price for new and only one one weird color of grey is $59.95 plus $14.95 to ship. This is a $20 savings here on Woot on this deal vs E Bay

I agree with the other reviewers that this is probably not for a hike of any great duration. If it’s for scout who will ONLY use it to and from the car at camp, maybe. I’ve heard many complaints from all level of backpackers that even some quality packs just don’t fit right, uncomfortable, or the worst part is if it won’t properly carry the weight on your hips. A backpack or shoes are areas you just don’t want to compromise if you’re climbing a mountain or walking several miles. The bad, the end of the day when you’re exhausted, traveling down hill on an old stream bed and every muscle you didn’t know you had is shaking and weak. Not the time to have the weight of a poor fitting backpack shifting back and forth making every step harder and hazardous.
I’ll admit, I did kind of enjoy sitting for two days at the top of a waterfall near the summit of Mt Marcy. My foot in the ice cold water of Bushnell falls. But hiking out 5 miles with a broken foot after having a cheap pack shift weight at the worst possible moment was a drag. If you do buy this, order a nice knife from Woot so you’ll be able to whittle a proper crutch for the walk back to the car.

The price is good, but backpacks are such an individual fit situation (just as boots are as mentioned by another) that I can’t imagine buying one online unless I have showroomed it at a brick and mortar store or unless I am replacing an identical version of the same item. I buy almost everything online - but not boots or packs.

too heavy for the size.

I need a good pack but who knows if I will receive the item, It has been hit and miss with woot! lately. PASS

Your height is mostly irrelevant when it comes to choosing a bag. Bag straps are adjustable. Chose bag size (in liters) based on how much stuff you will pack into it. Dependent on how many days you will backpack for. And don’t forget, keep it lightweight. After all, you do need to carry it the whole time!

They really need to start putting sizes on these pages.

Last pack I bought from Woot came and It was a small. My regular pack size is a Medium. It was just plain suck.

Please put pack sizes and spine ranges on the sale page! This is very important information both for comfort and safety!

Oh dear god don’t listen to this post please.

Height does not directly matter when choosing a pack true, but the length of your torso absolutely does.

Get yourself a measuring tape and have a friend measure your back. Put your hands on your hips with your thumbs on your back making an invisible line and measure from the C7 vertebra (right around the point on the back of your neck as it meets your shoulders) down to that imaginary line.

Rough guidelines for pack sizing are this:

Extra Small: Fits torsos up to 15 ½"

Small: Fits torsos 16" to 17½"

Medium/Regular: Fits torsos 18" to 19½"

Large/Tall: Fits torsos 20" and up

But don’t rely on that absolutely.

That this pack doesn’t say that the length is adjustable or give you sizing options is a huge red flag. That’s why it probably doesn’t fit many people very well. Most packs that are sold on Woot here generally have sizing information with them, so it’s not even a woot thing.

As far as liter size, 45 liters is probably enough for an overnighter, but is probably more meant to be a daypack. At 5.5 pounds it’s insanely heavy for an overnighter. I think my Kelty 80 liter is about that weight (maybe 6 pounds) and it has insane amounts of padding in it and is arguably heavy for it’s size.

That’s another thing, the padding on this sucker looks especially thin. If it fits you well that’s not a huge issue, but with all the warning signs I’d definitively think twice before getting this pack.

Edit: I found the amazon reviews and it says the pack weight is 4.5 pounds. That’s a little better but still not great. This might be a good traveling pack if you’re not going to be wearing it for long stretches or weighing it down much.