High Valley Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

High Valley Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
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2014 High Valley Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, High Valley, Lake County


Late rat report:
First and foremost, I wish to thank you WineDavid for selecting me to receive my first Golden Ticket. Sometime late last week the Woot Monkeys threw a bottle of 2014 High Valley Cabernet Sauvingnon my way and I caught it. Now I guess I am supposed to opine on the whole thing.

This may seem odd, but I am fond of good bottle craft, and this bottle meets all expectations of a winery that cares about its content. The bottle is of good heft, it is slightly taller and broader at the shoulder and has a significantly deep punt. The foil is well fitted and of good density. The label is clean in appearance and more importantly; informative about the AVA, winery practices, and what they would have you expect upon opening and enjoying their wine. Overall this bottle has a promising start, but for now it is off and into the Wine fridge to rest for a few days. Meantime I looked over the winery’s web page (http://www.shannonridge.com), I found it nice to know they use sustainable farming practices, and consistent with their bottle labeling, the web page is clean and informative.

Down to business.
I opened this bottle about 7pm and let the wine open up a bit before serving with an 8pm Monday evening lasagna dinner. I did not use a carafe as it is somewhat warm inside the house this time of year and I wanted to keep the wine close to a serving temperature near 18 degrees C. I chose not to use a Vinturi.

In the glass the wine did not take on the appearance of brilliant garnet that I’ve come to expect of CS. That is not to say it was anything less than clear, nor was it dull in appearance, it was just not a sparkling, bright deep purple. The transparent meniscus was broad and of a light garnet, while the core was opaque and of a deep garnet in color. The legs were long, thin, and slow running (I’ve been told this has to do with sugar levels, anyone care to chime in?). Overall, book by its cover, this was looking promising.

On the nose the wine popped, it was truly a fresh California red in every enjoyable way. It had a bright nose with black fruit and cherry upfront and a subtle hint of complexity - aromas that I could not identify. There was no hint of heat from alcohol.

On the palate the promise of the nose did not transfer. The wine was clean, astringent, slightly acidic, there was some heat from alcohol (this surprised me), and nothing particularly vivid in flavor. There is some cherry but not much else, more importantly to me there is a specific flavor I find in CS that just seemed to be dodging me. Pairing it with pasta did not change my impressions much, though I feel it was the right pairing.

I poured a second glass at about 11pm. The wine, now warmer, opened considerably. There was no more heat from the alcohol, the body was rounder and more balanced, and there was a hint of greenness and black current. I found this to be a much better wine with time, and I look forward to trying it out again this evening, maybe with beef as a center dish.

My overall impression is that this is a young wine that needs coaxing (helps me to appreciate the patience of Clark Smith). It may have been a mistake to not use the Vinturi or to decant, but with this young wine I wanted to really experience the subtle herbaceous and full fruits of a fresh California wine. This may serve well as a lay down wine for this very reason. I am looking forward to reading the comments to hear what others have to say about this.

I am seeing the price point now. This wine is a great value at this price.

I am surprised the winery hasn’t shown up to represent. Their web page offers up some fairly informative PDFs on earlier vintages. The only spec I can offer is this is labeled at 14.5% alcohol. I am curious about the acidity/Ph. I am also interested in the cooperage of this vintage. The 2013 was 40/60 Fr/Am oak but there is no mention as to the percentage of new oak being utilized.

Nice review, thanks!

wow !..first glass at 8:00–second at 11:00…I haven’t the willpower to wait 3 hours !!..I’d be fast asleep…but–i’m going to order some…thanks for the comments…

bob h.

Bought this 4 pack, opened first bottle last night and it was skunked!
Total kills the deal with no way to go back to vineyard or store.

Oh man, sorry! If you haven’t, please send support@woot.com a note with your order details and situation; CS can review your options.