High Valley Vineyard Rose (4)

High Valley Vineyard Rosé 4-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
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2016 High Valley Vineyard Rosé, High Valley, Lake County
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The 2016 High Valley Vineyard Rosé Wine arrived Friday morning to our local FedEx office. I am sooo glad that we chilled it and had it with dinner today, because its arrival on the boards has been fast-forwarded by a few days! Oops!

As you can see from the pics, this rosé is a very pale salmon color. The color is quite lovely and very clear!

On the nose, I got some crisp raspberry and strawberry and a certain crispness. The aromas deepened with time being open.

I found this to be a very pleasing wine with flavors of strawberries, nectarines and apricots. It is a dry, medium bodied wine with a medium finish. I really enjoyed it on its own, but it also did very well with dinner.

We had it with stove top pork chops and a few items from our garden: fresh baked beets with a little butter, green beans with a little butter and beet greens and Swiss chard sautéed in EVOO and garlic with roasted pine nuts and a splash of lime oil and some lavender vinegar.

I was most impressed with how well this wine paired with the beets! I wanted another bowl of beets and a whole lot more of this wine! So, even though the cellar overfloweth, we will likely be in for at least one and we’re thinking of gifting one to a good friend who LOVES rosé! At $13.75 per bottle shipped, this is a steal!

Cesare: Could you adjust the CT description as this is not Cabernet Sauvignon but a GSM. Thanks!

Last night was one of those nights that dinner took over. Prep took some time, dinner took more time, and then bahwm had to get back to work on the book we’re copy-editing, with the deadline looming, so we never got around to discussing our impression of the wine. When reviewing a wine such as this, we make it a point not to color each other’s thoughts by talking about it until we’ve compiled our own notes (Thanks, Cathy Corison).

When I couldn’t sleep this morning, I decided to get up and post my notes, but read hers first. I have to admit that she saved me a lot of effort because I don’t need to bother with most of the details on dinner.

Fresh out of the bottle, before the cooking aromas clouded our palates, I found the lovely pale salmon color LW mentioned, but a very subdued nose, despite the wine not being overly chilled. I got a faint hint of strawberries and some stone fruit, peaches or apricots. On the palate, not a trace of heat, but the strawberries were there. Back to the fridge it went while we got dinner ready. A little bit of time really made this wine sing. It continued to evolve and improve throughout dinner. There was a lot more flavor evident, strawberries (still) and raspberries, some apricots, and maybe a hint of rhubarb. It did pair beautifully with everything on the plate, but I also loved it on its own. I have to say that this is the first time we’ve ever gone to sleep without comparing notes on a wine we’re reviewing, but it is also the first time our impressions were as close as this.

The winery website says Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, and $24. For a wine of this quality, I would not hesitate to pay that retail price, so at under $14, this is seriously a screaming deal!

Any Oak??

You are correct, and I tried adjusting that but can’t find a way. Cesare just posts the link; he’s not responsible for creating it.

I doubt it. This is not the type of wine that would typically see much oak. I certainly didn’t taste any, and if LW had, she would have mentioned it.

Cesare created the 2016 by copying the 2014 without adjusting the varietal. I attempted to correct it but it may require sys admin approval

They have a guy (Andrew, iirc?) who goes and attends to these changes. It’ll get taken care of in a few days most likely.

I didn’t create it, it was already there (incorrectly under cab). Since there already is a 2014 cab rose I created a new one here so a new line exists.

Thanks! I saw you edited the wine details in description so assumed you had created the vintage from 2014. :slight_smile:

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Well I’m convinced (and out of rose). In for three!

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Thank you for the notes on this.