High Valley Vineyard Zinfandel (4)

High Valley Vineyard Zinfandel 4-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
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2015 High Valley Vineyard Zinfandel, High Valley, Lake County

2015 High Valley Vineyard Zinfandel

Score! It’s as if Wine.Woot can read minds. Before going to sleep, I received an email stating I am to be a “Grape Debater” on some mystery wine coming in on the same day I planned on making a specific dish. I eagerly awaited and received a Bottle of 2015 High Valley Vineyard Zinfandel in the morning. This was perfect, I was making the BBQ meatballs over buttered rice for lunch instead. I popped that baby open, poured a quick glass, corked it and back in the fridge until the food was nearing finish.

Color: Garnet with purple, clear

Nose: Alcohol in the nostrils(its 11am not used to that smell yet), blackberries, plum. It needs time to open.

Taste: I thought right away, this is NOT your Jammy Zin. I’m getting the same blackberry and plum flavors as in the nose, followed by a good amount of spice and packed with some heat. The round tannins were accompanied pleasantly with a crisp acidity. Initially I thought I was getting notes of raspberries but it could have been that nice crisp acidity behind the taste of the blackberries. Picking up on a woodsy note towards the finish assuming it’s the oak.

Finish: The finish was moderate. Medium-medium/full body.

Overall: This is a well balanced Zin and it really opened up by the time I paired it with my BBQ meatballs. The meatballs were a bit too tangy; the spice and heat in the Zin really balanced out the pairing. The blackberries and plums ripened in flavor over time as well as an included round note at finish.

On day two (stored at room temp with Argon Gas) the aromas were really popping, all those dark fruits were ripened, no more alcohol on the nostrils. The aroma had a familiar smell that I could not quite pin down, Jelly? I really enjoyed it more on the second day. The early stiffness was gone and every thing I like about my kind of Zins were there. If I didn’t have a bunch of wine already coming in I would definitely pick up 4 bottles to revisit especially at around $15/btl. This High Valley Zin is definitely of my Zin caliber. Also note that I was beginning to develop a very slight head cold (darn kids bringing them sniffles home from school) so I couldn’t smell and detect those slight specific notes.

Great notes. I, too, at swimming in wine, but this sounds nice.

Must be nice…




2015 High Valley Vineyard Zinfandel

I received a bottle on Friday along with a Tudor Pinot so I waited til yesterday to open this wine. The only Shannon Ridge offering I’ve tasted is the 2016 High Valley Rosé which I really enjoyed, so was eager to give this Zin a try.

I popped the cork yesterday, nice purple stain on the bottom, no sediment and not much aroma from the bottle. Poured a small glass, dark red and clear with a slight aroma and a bit of alcohol, not surprising at 15.1%. Good red\purple fruit but not a fruit bomb by any means, a little spice and oak on the finish. I drank a little more with a sandwich topped with homemade pickled hot peppers and tangy coleslaw, the wine stood up well and complimented my lunch. Then off to work so I couldn’t get back to the wine till later in the evening. I drank some more that night, it had opened up considerably and drank well by itself, bright acid and medium finish. I stoppered the bottle and left it on the counter.

Having to work again today I took the advice of a famous mod so I could get this report done early enough:

I made a western omelet for us when my wife got home from her morning job (topped mine with the hot peppers) and had another small glass with it. Just as good if not better on day 2. Not overly complex but at $15 a bottle a very acceptable daily drinker.

I may grab a set later today, I’ve got a lot of wine already shipped and not much space but wouldn’t mind having 4 bottles of this to help the Wellington stash last as long as possible.

Thanks Woot & WCC for the tasting opportunity.

Oh my, almost making me cry worrying about MY Wellington stash (don’t let us down VJB). Thanks for the notes, I was on the fence but in for 2.

What does either Peter or VJB have to do with this from Shannon Ridge…?
Just curious.

The who really cares review from WineEnthusiast:

I was just making reference to the ‘Grape Debater’ catcoland comment on stretching his Wellington stash with this purchase.