Hillsdale Trebec Baker’s Rack

That last item, “Willow 19.5” Round Plate with Domed Lid" would look fantastic on this Baker’s rack.

Soooo, we meet again, Trebec. That’s not what your MUTHAH said…

C’mon, Woot. 13% off? I can do better than that with my 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I am guessing from the stats you have about 20 of these to sell. I am going to go get a snack. Maybe bake something.

How 'bout some Core Bamboo or some Crunchy Bacon thingies that other guy was asking for?




They KNEW, right? With the professional snarkers on these WootOffs…the Powers That Be at Woot KNEW what would happen when they posted an item named “Trebec”?

They probably changed the name LOL

13% off… uh oh… I better get out of the way of the stampede to buy this one…

We could have gone this way: