Hillside Oversized Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Hillside Oversized Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

I just like to enthusiastically recommend these whenever they appear. I have 5 and I love them so much I wish I had another kitchen for them.


We had a very similar one and (our feet) loved it, but our puppy kept biting off chunks. We don’t think he was eating the chunks since he’d leave them around the kitchen.

Any ideas on a dog-safe treatment for the mat to discourage this poor behavior? (He did not do it in our presence. And we don’t often leave him alone to roam for extended periods.)

Our dogs did the same thing. Loved the feel but so did they.

Do these have any chance of staining the wood or any kind of flooring under them? I’m always nervous about getting rugs since I’ve had some that stained the floor really bad.

Bitter Apple spray works well to discourage puppy chewing.

Absolutely agree! I have two of them in my tiny kitchen and love them. I have some mobility issues and these add a level of non-slip security that make kitchen activities so much easier. Easy to clean and always look good.

It’s a bit late for it this time around but since these show up every so often I’ll go ahead and answer: not that I can tell? I do have darker tile flooring but I’ve had them down around a year and the floor still seems the same to me!