Himalayan Chef Salt & Pepper Grinders (2)

Amazon has similar grinders

It would be nice to know if they are stainless or plastic. I bought stainless looking grinders and when I got them home they were plastic. They melted on my stove…

I believe the pink salt probably has some trace elements( might be iron oxide). The regular table salt is pure salt that has those elements removed and they usually put iodine in there for some health reason I don’t recall which. You could always
regular white sea salt, or coarse kosher salt. You can find a lot of different varieties on Amazon

Usually the colors are a result of the trace elements from where they were mined or the added something to it like smoke flavor.

Some claim the trace elements are important, In my opinion though its just a marketing claim.

I have used some of the smoked sea salt it does have a unique flavor. as far as the pink salt I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between that and a good coarse table salt

While we can’t answer all questions with absolute certainty (WD and/or Designed 4 Life would need to weigh in), we can answer a few based on the samples:

Are these manual or power grinders?

Is there a way to adjust the coarseness of the grind?
Unfortunately, no

Is the body of the grinder acrylic or glass?

And of course - are they refillable?

I had a omg it figures woot gets salt and pepper grinders just as i ordered mine a few days ago. Then I looked at the specs and what not and was relieved.

I just got the Khun Ricon grinders at (gasp!) qvc… Because they have the pair at the same price (slightly cheaper in price slightly more in shipping which ends up with a dollar cheaper than this woot).

Lets see those were glass canisters, adjustable grinds, ceramic mechanism. Woot offering is lacking. No salt or pepper but i have my source for those (btw for the person who was looking for spices penzeys.com has amazing spices-- cheap sea salt of good quality, and the oregano is by far the most amazing thing ever!)

I mean woot do you have a foodie person on your staff? Because I have no idea how anyone would spend that much money given the lack of adjustable grind.

sorry woot but this is five thumbs down for me…

Hello, working on getting more answers. I should have something here shortly.

pink salt has trace minerals not available in iodized salt. it tastes the same as sea salt to me, but better than table salt. personally, i grind my own pink salt in a spice grinder and stick the grinded salt into a small lock & lock container. but i would like to know more info about the grinders themselves, as opposed to the $6 value in s&p.

here’s a link for more info about its nutritional benefits: http://products.mercola.com/himalayan-salt/

Heh… 4 hours later and still nothing…

PLENTY of third world working conditions to be found in the Bon Aire.

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Not to be judgmental though…

I bought from Costco and love it, I also have 3 8x8 blocks for cooking, do my Saturday ribeyes on it at times, love the flavor.

sorry, phone tag with the company. Confirmed the top is acrylic, bottom is stainless steal.

anecdotally, they feel good and solid when you hold them. sturdy.

We stand by the offer as being very good QPR.

Under the photo of the product is a tab titled “SPECS”. Click on that and it has specific information about the grinders. They are refillable and acrylic.

As I mentioned earlier and was kindly deleted (get over yourself mods), it says it there NOW because it was updated after it was confirmed.

I have yet to see an acrylic grinder that didn’t break in a few months. On that note, I have yet to be “impressed” by a salt and/or pepper that came in a grinder.

It also may be an issue that I inherently mis-trust companies that use a number to replace a word, in their name. Blame boy bands :wink:

I ordered this on March 13 and it is still processing, which is abnormal for woot. Is anyone else having problems with ordering this product? I haven’t received a tracking number, but I was still charged the price.


Update (3/20/14): Package just shipped. Thank you!