Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile & Canvas Bag

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile & Canvas Bag
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Product comes in a box suitable for gifting
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 2"
Weight: 10.5 lbs


(2) Designed 4 Life 8" x 4" x 2" Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates


on an old sale was 19.99 so for ten bucks more they dont cut the block in half and you get a carrying bag.

just an observation

Time to learn all about hoe to cook with a salt tile


An 8x8 block is really only good for serving on, not so much cooking on unless you’re cooking for one. There’s simply not enough real estate to put much food on a block that size. You might be able to use it for 2 if you’re doing a couple of filet mignons or something, but if you plan on doing much more than that at one point, I’d recommend spending the extra few bucks and getting an 8x12.

All that said, if you just want something that creates a dramatic presentation at the table, this might be a good buy. These blocks are particularly good when presenting seafood - crudo is especially enhanced by serving on salt.

Found a larger (but thinner) block (8" x 12" x 1½") on Sur la table for a few bucks less. No carrying bag, but probably worth it for the extra length.

I’ve made a similar post (with more detail) on previous offerings, but a few things to keep in mind…

My experience suggests they crack very easily in shipping. I bought from Amazon and it took two or three tries to get me my order in tact, despite a lot of bubble wrap. The concern here is you get a crack through the middle you may or may not even be able to see…and it explodes the first time you heat it up. Consider (a) woot’s return customer service and track record and (b) heating it up immediately after receiving to see if you have a good block. Google how to do that…the basic idea is to heat it up the first time VERY SLOWLY.

They take a long time to heat up. I was doing this on a propane grill and it seemed asinine to waste about 45-60 minutes of propane to heat my salt block in order to seer something for a few minutes on it. I couldn’t tell much flavor difference except that my food tasted salty. Pretty sure I couldn’t tell the difference between food cooked on it and just food grilled well sprinkled heavily with salt. Your mileage may vary.

All of that said, I don’t regret the purchase. I find I mainly use it for serving cheese trays at parties. Pop in the fridge the day before and it makes a pretty tray + keeps the cheese cool for hours sitting out. I get compliments every time I use it. It does take up a lot of kitchen cabinet space thought for a gadget I probably only use 4 times a year and you have to think of using it in advance so it’s chilled.

IMO - too small for cooking unless you live alone.

I have a larger one and love it (via Amazon, arrived in fine shape). Even sausage tastes insanely good when cooked on the slab. Steaks are ideal - I have had better success with thicker cuts that I allow to assume room temperature before cooking -vs- thinner cuts right from the fridge.

The “wetter” the food the saltier it becomes. So - marinades are not a good idea unless you dry the meat a bit before grilling. With fish it does better with more “stout” fleshed varieties (tuna steak yes, grouper filet not so much).

Burgers tend to be too juicy - if you get the stone blazing hot it can be OK, but in general I find burgers have the most salt imparted to them when cooked. I tend to mix a lot of stuff into mine (I use bison and add onion, pepper, hot sauce, etc) so that makes it even worse. But I happen to like a salty burger - so, win-win for me.

These will not stay pink for long.

In the last year+ I have cooked on it exclusively save but a single time. I grill at least 2 - 3 times a week.

It heats in 20 minutes on my $94 Wal*Mart special. However - I removed the baffle above the burner, so the block is heated directly. These MUST be hot to cook properly - too cold and juice will pool and your food WILL be salty.

Wanted one of these for a while, glad to find one on sale. In for one.

I had bought an 8x12x1.5 and finally tried it last night. I followed the directions, i.e. put it on the grill grate, set the gas to low heat and allow the block to rise slowly. A 2" section at the end cracked off. Decided to use it anyway since it was heated up. Grilled NY strip steaks on it, only adding pepper before cooking. The flavor was delicious. Just the right amount of saltiness to enhance the meat. I think the rest of the block, now 8x10, is ok, so I’ll keep it and hope it does not deteriorate anymore.

I have 3 of these, size is good for one good size ribeye or 2 burgers, fits perfect on my burners, if I cook more than 1 steak I use two. One of the 3 has had a crack for about 6 minths now. But still usable. I recommend used on stove top, Propane grills will use a LOT of propane to heat up.I start low, 15 minuts, med 15, & high 15, then stones are ready. I use mine about twice a month for cooking and both the wife and I notice a big difference from stove top griddle or BBQing the meat. I really love using these stones.
Oh and BTW I like the canvas bag it great for storage, after cleaning the next day I put it in the bag, store in the garage, the bag keeps it clean and ready for use next time

There really is no benefit to cooking on one of these. You can buy a himalayan salt grinder at any grocery store if you want some pink salt on your meat. You’re better off grilling on a cast iron pan for the best sear on steaks and other meats.

This is just presentation. Salt will dehydrate food and absorb the liquids so be very careful when putting meat on it. From a food safety POV I worry about contamination given that there’s no good way to keep it clean. Best Practice is to use non-porous surfaces for food prep.

That same size, 8 x 12 x 1.5, is also available at Williams-Sonoma for $24.46 plus tax, and ships for $5 as well. What happened to Woot? I don’t know why I bother checking the site if I can find a better price at one of the most expensive retailers of home goods…

How long will it take for the tile to dissolve under atmospheric conditions? I live in a somewhat humid climate.

This is not something I’d lose any sleep over. 1) If there’s any raw meat on it and you’re using it right, you have it up to a very high temperature. Same reason you don’t sanitize your grill grates between sessions (or, you know, ever). 2) It’s salt. Salt is one of the most naturally anti-bacterial substrates there is.

I feel very comfortable just rinsing it off with water, towel drying it, and putting it away.

I was just coming to point this out. Costco has 13oz grinders for about 4 bucks. This is just a novelty.

Unless you’re keeping it outside in the elements…I’d wager, so very long it doesn’t matter. Keeping it submerged in water will start to “melt” away the product, but via normal use and storing it inside…I think you’re good to go for decades.

I live in the humid South and leave the AC turned up during the day when nobody’s home (so it gets pretty warm and humid in the house) and I can’t tell one bit of shrinkage after over a year.

really??? I have been using mine for years, nothing novel about it. Just because it isn’t for you doesn’t mean others don’t like it. IMHO


Follow up to my own (earlier) posting. Based on a suggestion here (thank you), I removed the burner deflector. This allowed the salt plate to heat up quicker and hotter. Tonight I grilled up a nice piece of salmon. Put a little olive oil on it first and finished it off with a little fresh lemon juice and pepper. It was just right. It was not overly salty. On the not salt plate side, I grilled up sliced sweet potatoes. Veggies will be my next item to prepare. So far, yes it’s been only two items, it seems to be a nice addition to the arsenal of cooking utensils.