Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile & Canvas Bag



Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile & Canvas Bag
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Very interesting Woot. You have sparked my curiosity. I was good all wootoff, however this looks intriguing. I will go in for one and see how it works out


Yeah. I don’t get it?! I want more wine…


Just out of curiosity, how much does the salt tile weigh?


Veryyy interesting… I wonder how long it lasts and how much it salts food.


Could I buy this for my horse to use as a salt lick?


Sure just hang it from his neck in the canvas bag


I couldn’t find it on wine searcher or cellartracker. Is this a red or a blush?


I wonder how long this would take to dissolve with normal usage, and if it would over-salt the food.


We use a block slightly larger than this for our grill and I can’t say enough good things about it. It conducts heat well, so your food is evenly cooked, with no hot spots. It’s great for grilling fish and veggies, and you don’t have to worry about your food sticking to the grill or falling in. You don’t get the grill marks, but isn’t that just for looks? Just remember not to put salt on your food before you grill it!


I think it should last about 8 months to a year. We wash ours off each time we use it, and that wears it down a little each time.




Found this:

Cooking with Himalayan Salt Plates, Blocks & Bricks


What can you find? Let’s go!


I saw this on sneakpeeq earlier today for $36 shipped and considered it briefly.

After seeing it here, I did some more research and found this website with a better explanation of what this is and a long list of uses.


I think I want it even more now.


Do you pre-heat the grill before placing the salt block in or do you let it warm up with the grill?



You can always saw off a hunk, crush it to rock salt consistency/size and then pour it into a grinder.

Presto! Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder!

Or buy the same thing for $3 at Trader Joe’s.

Oh, wait. You’re supposed to cook with it. Mmmmmm. Kobe carpaccio laid out on this hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin-love. What’s not to like?

$34.95 free ship @ SaltWorks.us


I have had too much salt. Gotta pass on this one…ha