Hip Hop Hippies

LOL dumb


Got the entire set in my last Boggy Old Creature! Batteries they come with are garbage.

w00t did this price intentionally. iPad is $499. This product $4.99…they meant to do it.

That looks like a camera in front, what are these furbies?

Seriously BAD!!!



Caught up in a Woot-off frenzy, I got three of these in an earlier event. Don’t waste your money, unless you have an extremely low threshold of amusement.

They return! I smell fishbags.


do they at least hide your stash or something?

Every wootoff is the worst wootoff everrrr

Like Far out. Groovy.

Cheech and Chong would be proud.

What Really? I want an egg Genie?

why do these all look like they are in electric chairs?


Get a job!

The light at the end of the tunnel is, again, just another train…

Woo Hoo!!! I’m getting 3 Hippies!!!