Hipster Hedgehog

‘Quilling me softly’ is cuter than the darn cute shirt…I really can’t resist a pun…

The quills rustled soft into the night. I like the texture work on this image. Pinches it’s little face.

No doubt works as a part-time barista.

It is after midnight, when I hear creatures talking to me. Hipster Hedgehog is saying,

“Are you more surprised that I can read or that I have such nice-fitting glasses? The literacy rate for Hedgehog Nation is nearly 100%, a fact that would be more widely known if more humans picked up a book now and then.”

I do wish the design was not on a white shirt. I read while I eat, and food stains show up too well on white shirts.

what a hardworking hedgehog!I like it!

I would love this in a tote!

Sharp lines, killer pun. What’s not to love?

I hope some Woot Staff can help me! I put in a support request to change the size of the shirt I ordered–it’s for a gift and I want to make sure it fits. Halp!

Y’all are awesome. Big thanks to everyone at Woot for helping me out with the design. Three woots for cheers! I mean… three cheers for Woot!

Awesome job on this shirt!!

Unfortunately, your best option would have been to cancel within the 15-minute self-cancellation window. It’s not super likely we’ll be able to change the sizing, but CS will be in touch with you with your options as soon as they’re able.

Ah, man. I adore this shirt but don’t like white! :confused:


Is his name Peter?

First day sales: 740

Is there any way to custom the tee on cream or light blue or ANYTHING other than white?! I really want this shirt, but I cannot own a white shirt. I just can’t.

A little dye, or the simpler method - just wash the shirt with something else. Light blue? Wash it with dark blues. Creme? Wash it with dark browns. Silver? Wash it with blacks.

Any chance this will be re-released in a tote?

Keep watching our Plus sales. It’s possible.