Hipster Ninja

I was hoping for a Half Life shirt from the thumbnail. I love how nonchalant he is though.

Oh, and a hipster joke for you, I can’t remember how it went but it ended: something something before it was cool.

Early morning chuckle, thank you. Though I would like to point out that the write up says he needs the right hand for his cigarette when the image clearly shows both hands using ninja weapons.

Smooth, except the pointy bits.

I have trouble believing in the concept of a hipster Ninja. Aren’t they always skulking about in the open, hinting at how much better than you they are for knowing some odd bit of esoteric trivia?

To be hiding in the shadows seems counter to their very nature.

Nathan’s Hipster Ninja? Oh sure, it’s cute, but I was wearing hipster ninja shirts way before woot got in on it. And you know if woot’s printing it, it’s soooooooo over.

I think you mean, “How did the hipster burn his mouth?”

Should have had a Mars shirt today Woot. Curiosity safely landed on the red planet less than an hour ago!


hipster ninja is so sure he only fights with the left hand that he made sure you said it twice. In a row.

Hipster Ninja: He was a ninja before it was cool to be a ninja.

Those ninja weapons are sooo mainstream.

Was I the only one expecting a shirt related to the Curiosity Mars rover today?

On second thought, the shirt would be inappropriate in case the mission failed. Now that we know the landing was good, how about a Mars-themed shirt sometime this week?

Congrats Nathan! I love it!

By the way, Yesterday I used your Batman tshirt on the movie theater and I received a lot of compliments!

Does this come in v-neck?

Stickin’ it to those samurai conformists.

In for one, laughed as soon as I saw it.

This is the best comment.

He used to use the standard six-point ninja stars, but they were so mainstream.

Thanks, friend! Awesome to hear that, Wenceslao. I finally saw the movie this weekend and loved it.

The writers at woot are all cold-hearted stealthy warriors. Thanks for the incredible description!

And thanks, all!