His Crap & Hers Meet

server crash all the way


Grr… Kept getting an error page… >_<

that one was kinda broken


how’d you buy this when the page was not found?

That was an odd one. It wouldn’t load, but it was selling out.

This one just 404’d every time I clicked buy now o.O

server crash error multiple times ugh!

Worst one yet. Thanks Woot.

hmmm…we can’t find a reason to come back to woot.

wow servers wet the bed

That was a first I kept clicking buy and I get a 404 error…

Kept getting a 404.

hmmm … Didn’t show up here for a while, for me…

cheaters, the lot of 'em


Wow. 404’d that one all up.

I’m so confused, why did I get woot’s 404 error when I clicked the buy it button, yet it sold out. is there a trick to getting these bags that I’m missing?

I kept getting an error message. WTF? It says my browser asked for the wrong page. Bastards!