His or Hers Swiss Legend Ceramic Watches

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His or Hers Swiss Legend Ceramic Watches
$149.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Here’s another view on the ladies watch. Although woot! seems to be selling the black pearl face. Keepin’ it classy. [youtube=myPwCLKGj30][/youtube]

pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the women’s watch


[MOD: That’s white. Here’s the color we are selling]

I’m trying to use taxsucks coupon to get one of these, but it isn’t working. What the heck? I don’t understand!

We’re bummed too, but we’re no longer able to offer that code.

Don’t hurt us! :scared:

Thanks for the speedy response! :slight_smile:

I bought both of these, one for me and one for my partner, and both failed within a year. I was unable to get any response from the company, and had to just eat the entire cost. If it had been just one, I’d consider it my bad luck, but two failing seems like seriously bad quality. I guess it could have just been my really bad luck, but I’ll never buy one of these again.

the men’s watch on Amazon. $50 more than here. no reviews yet, but a short 360deg video.


You really are having bad luck. You said the TVs on tech failed too. If you say the shirt on shirt.woot failed, I’m gonna have to doubt you though.

Why is the men’s more expensive? Is that to get even for charging women more for dry cleaning?

I am a watch collector. (I have over 20)I can say that this is a good brand. I have 2 of this brand from another website. I don’t like the Ceramic. But I think this is an OK deal. But just ok

I can vouch for the cheap quality here. Is there an extended warranty offered that would cover it for five years more?

I’m always skeptical when they start at a high msrp

“List Price $1395.00” you’re not kidding!

I think you have managed to “collect” a bunch of watches without actually being a “watch collector.” Quartz timepieces such as these are not actually “collectible.” They are expendable.

The deadly mistake most people make when buying a Watch is they buy it on impulse, not on facts from research.

That’s what this watch is designed for. A quick hit an run.

Always ask yourself, What am I getting for my money. General statements like “Swiss quartz”, what the hell does that mean? What value does that bring, besides the name Swiss? How about Mexican Quartz or Republic of China Quartz.

From everything I can see and read these are a solid $10.00 watche (that includes shipping) any thing more then that and you need to have the name “SUCKER” tattooed on your forehead.

This of course is just my opinion and adds as much added value to the overall discussion as the phrase “Swiss quartz” does to the value of these watches.

Horrible quality, not worth the $5 in shipping. Pass and get yourself something better.

Sounds like you’re a Timex sort of guy.

Anyone know if the bottom of the watch face is metal? The description says this is a ceramic watch, but I want to be sure the bottom of the face is also ceramic.

I’m allergic to Metal and cannot wear many watches because of this.

Any advice would be appreciated!