Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

BUYER BEWARE. We just received the unit we ordered today. The box arrived pretty bashed up, and when we unboxed the unit, we saw that the secondary drain port was broken off at the unit, making the conditioner unusable. When we looked closer at it, we realized that this port had been broken off previously and clumsily glued back on.

I realize that this was marked “factor reconditioned” but the repair was so obviously poorly done that it was completely unacceptable. Considering it wasn’t that much below buying a NEW unit of the type, I am out a significant chunk of change. I have a email in to Woot Customer service for a replacement or refund and I hope they come through soon. My son’s room is REALLY hot and I would like to get him some relief.

I’m very sorry. I’ll let the Home team know so they can discuss with the vendor.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Does this include the window kit and hose?

Yes. The kit is mentioned in the first paragraph.

My unit also arrived very poorly “refurbished”. There were missing parts and the shell of the unit was busted up and falling off.
According to customer support there are no replacement units (even though it’s still for sale on the site). Probably dodged a bullet there though.
I would encourage Woot to not deal with this vendor as they seem to not take their refurbishing seriously.

Thank you for this review! I was just about to purchase this unit. I don’t have money to spare so you saved me.

I just received my unit and I’m actually terrified to open the box! It’s got 4 different types of tape and 3 different types of staples along with it looking like it was dragged on a gravel road. I really hope that it’s ok when I open it, but then the comments don’t give me much hope. Will woot help out if it’s wrecked?

We will absolutely help you. If you prefer not to open it (refuse it), please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Is this item a hazmat return and how do I return it unopened etc. ?