Hisense 11.6" 16GB SSD Chromebook

I bought one a couple of months ago. I paid the regular price of USD 149, and it was already a steal for that price. Still very happy with the device!

thanks for ur oppinion!

Two months later and you are still happy!! Wow!! Does it have Bluetooth?

It says yes in the specs. twice so it might be true :smiley:

I’ve been wanting to get a Chromebook, perhaps today is the day!

for web surfing, email and netflix they are handy. I got my parents some of the Asus ones and they love them. All they do is surf the net watch movies and play web games. pretty good solution for light computing.

Apparantly some linux distros support this machine. Will need some computing skills to do this, though.
( http://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv7/rockchip/hisense-chromebook-c11 )
Crouton (chroot environment) may work as well.
So, if you don’t like ChromeOS, there are alternatives out there. It will not run Windows or other x86 software, and it will take some efforts and skills to get Linux working on it, but it will run many open-source packages just fine once configured.

I am seriously considering purchasing this machine since it will run pretty much everything that I need. Except Matlab, that is. (I can run that from a remote server.)

I generally don’t like non-intel or 2gb of ram but searching out reviews having low expectations and it appears decent, probably excellent given the price.


I’ve been using a C720 as my primary system for … 2 years now with great success. I wish that the market would get some better/larger screen options and 4gb would become the norm but I’m a heavy user.

I am seriously considering getting one of these for my mother-I have an HP 14" Chromebook which I love, hoping this Hisense Chromebook would at least be durable enough to last.

Question-I typically don’t buy “Factory Reconditioned” (or refurbished) electronics unless it’s from somewhere like Amazon Warehouse where I know I can return if it in fact is defective (which some of these types of units inevitably will be). Can anyone speak to their experience here on Woot when purchasing similarly conditioned electronics?

Agree with the above poster and would like to know if the battery would be virtually useless since they do not replace it. What is the point of getting a laptop if you can not rely on the battery to have at least 3 hrs of life.

Doesn’t say it here, but in an YouTube Walmart ad https://youtu.be/04O3Q_MaEEc ;
it advertises this being a touchscreen. Does anybody know if this is true? Because in all the reviews I’ve seen, no one ever touches the screen!

I’ve purchased a Hisense 40H5 during Black Friday 2014, and so far its been performing pretty well for a ReFurbished device. I belive most electronics that come back after being refurbished have the latest updates and bug fixes installed. Be wise to do a research on recalls I suppose, before you dedicate to purchasing anything refurbished.

On the question of refurbs: I’ve been a woot user for a decade, many refurb purchases, never an issue.

Definitely NOT a touchscreen!

I’ll be trying this purchase with Crouton too.

Does anyone know if the RAM is upgradable? 2 GB of RAM just seems miniscule these days…

ive had one for almost a year and for what it is . Its a workhorse . Not gonna blind you with speed but does everything I ask of it with no issues .

Have 2 of these, the very best! Kicks butt of my old Acer, and the other crappy one! Just wish the battery was accessible to replace easily. Worth every penny & more!

I was thinking these might sell out–either Woot has a ton of 'em or people are a little nervous about the brand–so I ordered one right away. All the reviews I’ve found online make it sound like a good deal for the price point. I appreciate the comments from others who have one of these.