Hisense 11.6" 16GB SSD Chromebook

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Hisense 11.6" 16GB SSD Chromebook
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, May 13 to Wednesday, May 18) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews over at Walmart

I bought this last time. I’m a teacher, I wanted it to write papers and surf the Internet. I also needed something that can stream videos, so i could project them in my classroom. It does all that very well. It cannot do much else. I’m very happy with it.

Only real downside I see are the speakers, which aren’t worth a dime.

And the battery life is amazing

Amazon’s reviews
Mostly positive

“contains 16 MB of file storage”

16 whole MB? Be still my beating heart.

[MOD: You’re heart can start beating again. It’s 16GB.]

I bought this last time they were $90 and I was pleasantly surprised. Forget whatever idea you have about what was originally a $150 new Chromebook, these are fantastic for the price. At $90 they were basically like-new, and are solidly-constructed plastic-body machines. Fit and finish is nice all around, and really the only thing I’d like to see upgraded is the RAM. Memory aside, these perform well and the RK3288 is no slouch. I also have a Chromebook Pixel LS, and while obviously there’s no comparison between the two, the Hisense is truly surprisingly nice for what it costs. If you read the posts in the thread from the last sale you’ll see that I originally recommended against buying these (mainly due to the low RAM) but I eventually came around. At ~$100 shipped these are fine for literally anything besides running dozens of tabs at once. These are fine for running the Plex client, for example, so you could even use this as a media center PC instead of a less-featured Chromecast, and there’s little reason to buy a Chromebit (plus wireless keyboard/mouse) over this.

By the way, if you were wondering about how the Hisense (a Wal-mart exclusive) compares to the Haier Chromebook (Amazon’s version) well they’re basically the same except the former trades about an hour of battery life for better build quality.

Can these be setup to use the Linux OS directly?

This has an ARM chip so you can but an Intell chip is recommended.


Here’s a link reviewing this chrome book.

I purchased an older model chrome book that is my third choice device after my phone and my tablet. I use my chrome book more often than my of laptop because 1) every time I use my pc I have to wait for updates --the chrome book boots in seconds. (2) Most of what I need to do can be done with the chrome book apps. Not always the same way but it can be done. (3) I don’t have to worry so much about theft–since my data isn’t on the chrome book and my account is password protected. (4) the few times my chrome book has locked up all I had to do was reset it using the power wash feature which in a few minutes resets everything and updates the os.

My main negative is the you can’t reliably work offline on the chrome book. A lot of the apps that are listed as offline apps do not work offline. However there are many gems.

OT: if you do nanowrimo in Nov and use Schrivener on your home of be aware that you can use the simple notes app on the chrome book and sync directly with scrivener. The instructions on the scrivener website.

All in all, if you have access to wifi and do not need a specific program, then the chrome book may be a good choice. It is especially good for travel. FYI, there is a guest mode where you can let your friends use it without giving them access to your stuff. Multiple members of the same family can use it as everyone will have their own login account so no one will have access to the other members data.

bought two (2) as gifts last time they were on sale for about the same price. first off, to be clear, if you drop a grand or more on a macbook pro or other top-of-the-line laptop, the hisense may not compare well. That being said, I was shocked by the high quality of the hisense. I have seen/purchased “average” laptops, and the hisense blows them away. Note that I didn’t use mine long enough to use up the modest SSD memory; but I suppose you could add a micro-sd if you wanted to store photos or such. wifi was especially, amazingly fast. this time, getting one to keep.

Do you mean GB?

So, you cannot upgrade the ram?

I have 2, awesome books!

I don’t see a camera, is that right?

Can Skype be used?

I’ve owned one of these for a month (bought from Groupon, sorry Woot) and I’m very pleased with it. It’s true that you can’t keep too many tabs open on the browser and that the speakers suck. And if you’re comparing the display to a MacBook, forget it. But it’s snappy, great battery life, good keyboard, good camera, good build quality, easy Bluetooth connection, can take a memory chip for storage. It’s waaaay better than a tablet for my needs as I’m always keyboarding. Very pleased.

I had a TI 99/4A with that much memory once. But I maxed it out in memory modules. Oh wait, I think I topped out at 32k. Oh well, it was still a screamer.


LOL - in what world does a macbook pro get compared to a high end pc - thats like comparing a deck of cards to an xbox :slight_smile: don’t buy tech from fruit vendors and you’ll be much happier in life with what they can do