Hisense 40" 1080p LED HDTV

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Hisense 40" 1080p LED HDTV
Price: $179.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Haha “Roku Ready?” What the hell does that mean? I’m assuming “it has an HDMI port.”


Title says LED HDTV, but spec says, “40” LCD panel - With a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution".

I’m a bit confused =(

LED is a type of LCD. Every box that says LED will have LED LCD on it some where.

LED LCD TV’s are super thin compared to the older standard LCD tvs.

Gets good reviews at http://reviews.walmart.com/1336/38275773/hisense-40h3e-40-1080p-60hz-class-led-hdtv-reviews/reviews.htm

It is a little confusing, but when the product title is “LED TV” that usually means “LCD flat panel TV with LED backlighting”. When the title is “LCD TV” that usually means “LCD flat panel TV with florescent (CCFL) backlighting”.

“Roku Ready” actually means that it has a MHL compliant HDMI port that is also rated to deliver the power that the MHL Roku Stick needs: https://www.roku.com/roku-ready

MHL is a 2 way protocol that allows the TV remote to control MHL compliant devices. So one remote for your TV and your Roku in this case and no additional power supply needed.

However, it’s unclear what Roku is doing with the MHL version of the stick. It seems to be unavailable anymore.

Reviews are speculating that this refers to an MHL port for the Roku Stick. Speculation, heresay, etc.

You are absolutely correct. With the newer LED backlighting, the LCD CCFL TVs are being phased out.

Paid $90 more over a year ago, also refurbed also from woot. Totally worth it, this is a great deal!

This may be a foolish question, but I have a MacBook Air and am looking for a monitor… can this double with a correct dongle (I just love using that word)?

Yes, it can. But TVs never work great or even well as monitors.

thanks for info op.


Just received this. It looks new. Picture is great. No complaints.

Same here. This TV has lots of great extras such as HDMI-CEC and Audio Return Channel (ARC). The Roku-ready is a powered HDMI port. You can name inputs. Weighs nothing. Sips power compared to my old TV. I’m using it as a monitor off a laptop running WMC and XBMC and it looks utterly amazing (and I didn’t even have to adjust color settings at all). I expected for the $$ a pixelated low-budget off-color screen… Boy was I wrong… I hope this thing lasts. Seems well built and designed. Nothing funky about it. Even the remote is solid. Speakers aren’t the best of course (though they work fine) and I haven’t tried the TV tuner yet since I use Windows Media Center and an HD Homerun Extend for OTA HDTV (gotta have my channel guide and DVR!). This was a surprisingly great purchase for a low-dollar bedroom TV. I’ll probably couple this with the Samsung BluRay Home Theater system with Apps and Wifi I got from Woot last month for a steal, and an Android TV box. The whole thing will talk to each other with HDMI-CEC. Full-blown entertainment system for under $400? Life is good :slight_smile: Thanks Woot!!

I bought this to replace an older model of the same thing, and I am surprised upgrades they made from one model to the other in 2 years. This is a great TV to use as a monitor, very simple, great picture, and no on-board bells and whistles to slow everything down. Now if I can just keep my 4 year old from going all Ninja Turtle on this one, maybe I can keep the screen in one piece.
One odd issue with the sound… on volume 1 this thing is louder than my other Hisense is at volume 10. I can’t find a setting or anything to change that. I guess I’ll just use the $100 I saved and invest in some decent wireless headphones so I can play Mario 64 while the kid sleeps.