Hisense 40" 1080p LED HDTV

I’ve had this TV for about a year. Picture is pretty decent, but if you need to use the built in speakers you might want to look elsewhere. A common complaint is that the sound starts loud, as in “1” on the indicator is often too loud, and doesn’t really get much louder.

If you are pairing with a sound bar or something you’ll be fine.

This isn’t a very good deal. I just bought this tv brand new from walmart for $225. Anyway tv works great for a cheap tv.

I’ve had one of these since September of last year. I have mine hooked up the Yamaha stereo–it turns the stereo on, but to Audio1 rather than HDMI1. I paid about half this for it at MicroCenter, but it was a return, no box, no remote. Not a big deal as I could get it to work through the Yamaha remote, but I put out $15 for an actual Hisense remote.