Hisense 42" 1080p LED HDTV



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Hisense 42" 1080p LED HDTV
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I got the 40 inch model from woot, and I’m pretty happy with it. Two dead pixels on the far left side, a little bit of a wavy texture when the screen is dark, but at 300 bucks its worth the minor imperfections. Color and brightness are good. Its no best in class performer, but a great deal at the price.


I picked one of these up in August for the same price and have been really happy with it. No dead pixles, no complaints with the picture. I would suggest hooking it up to surround sound. Overall a great buy for the $.


My box came filled with dead pixies!


I have this TV. Got it a few months ago when it was featured in community sourced deals. I’m very happy with it and haven’t had problems with it. I hooked my computer up to its VGA and used it has a huge monitor for a while. I’ve since got an HD cable box from Comcast, so now I use it as a real TV. Still have my computer hooked up via HDMI for when I want to watch a movie that’s on my computer. It works flawlessly.

Sometimes the picture looks a little green around the edges of people’s faces or lettering. Sometimes there’s this scan line thingy that slowly works its way down the picture over 10 seconds. I don’t know if these are problems with the TV or my setup though. Either way though it doesn’t bother me or blatantly happen.

The picture is just as sharp as the sharpest display models at Walmart or Best Buy. That’s what I was worried about the most, given that the brand isn’t that popular, but everything turned out fine. I’ve since theorized that stores purposely hook up bad connections/signals to cheaper TVs so you buy the more expensive ones.

So, yeah. The TV is fine, and for $299, you’re not going to find a better deal for a 42" TV.


My roommate bought us this TV the last time it was on Woot. I only play games on the TV, and for that I think it’s fantastic. Why? ABSOLUTELY NO INPUT LAG AT ALL.

To further this, it’s pretty amazing to me that not only does playing games have no input lag whatsoever, but (and I realize this is completely unrelated) there’s no input lag when you’re using the remote, either. I didn’t think I would care, but it’s really nice to have such a responsive menu when you have to navigate it.

I think this TV is worth every penny for playing games. I’m extremely happy with it.


Here’s the previous woot, and $299.99 then, too

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Got this with the last Woot. It’s a great TV, lightweight with a fantastic picture. There is a fix out there for the screeching noise it may make when changing channels on a satellite box or what not.

“The first thing you want to check is the audio settings in the cable box.
You want to make sure the audio is disabled through the cable box. Secondly, check the audio settings on the TV. Select menu, the audio, select SPDIF TYPE,
then choose PCM.”

But really, you shouldn’t be using the tv speakers anyway.

Also, a word about the packaging… YMMV. They ship it in the tv box and well, it isn’t great. My box was loosely taped together (with one piece of tape) and the styrofoam inside had fallen all out of place. TV was undamaged, but there were other tales of damaged TV’s and remotes (and other accessories) falling out of the box. For this price though and for the quality of the tv, I’d say it’s worth pulling the trigger and taking the slight gamble. You know, live a little.


I’ve got this last September, and really satisfied with overall quality so far. There is no dead pixels on the screen, everything works fine.

However, it does not fully supports 1080p HDMI connection. Instead, there is some clipping on the bottom and top of the screen (about 50 pixels on each side) when I connected it to two different laptops (Sony VAIO Z2, Apple MacBook Pro retina).


I got it last time too. This is a great TV for $300 - it definitely exceeded my expectations.


I don’t think Woot is ever going to live down that whole damaged TV fiasco. It just comes back to haunt them over and over again.



Today’s Woot = 299.99Refurbished

Walmart = $368.00 New In Box http://www.walmart.com/ip/Hisense-42-Class-LED-LCD-1080p-60Hz-HDTV-F42K20E/20549808?adid=bzv_fb_revshr_001
53 Reviewshttp://reviews.walmart.com/1336/20549808/hisense-42-class-led-lcd-1080p-60hz-hdtv-1-5-ultra-slim-f42k20e-reviews/reviews.htm

Brand New only $68.01 more than Refurbished I was thinking about pulling the trigger on this offer but after seeing the small difference in price for a brand new model I’m backing off. Does not seem to be as good a deal as I thought on first glance. C’mon Woot, you’re going to have to knock off about another $20 to make this refurb competitive against the same product that is NIB.


I bought the Hisense 40 inch model off Woot back in July, and it shot craps on me with about a week to go in the 90 day Woot warranty, luckily. But not so luckily, it’s going to cost me $275 to ship it back to Woot to get my $250 warranty. It’s the principle of the thing. When I first received it, one of the three HDMI ports never worked. By the time my 90 days was almost up, the TV wouldn’t even “boot up”. I smelled a burning odor through the back vents, and a loud clicking sound coming from the TV with only a black screen.

Buyer beware. In my opinion, any off brand that doesn’t even show up in the most basic TV searches, is something to avoid like the plague.

PS. Mine also arrived with an ugly scuff/abrasion mark right on the top. I was willing to overlook the cosmetic blemish had the TV worked as it should have.

I’ve giving the Woot refurb TV thing one more try. I just purchased, and am awaiting arrival of the 47 inch Vizio that was posted about a week ago. If that one is crap, I’m joining an Amish community.


Refurbs are individually QC’d. On a product that has enough refurbs to sell on Woot, I’d take a refurb over NIB, myself.


Here is the manual
This TV gets great reviews everywhere I look.


walk away from refurb. You have to pay for return shipping if there are dead pixels. UPS quoted me $100 to return. Not a deal.


I bought one the last time these came up and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the picture.

The remote is fairly basic, but that’s to be expected with a TV at this price point.

I also have an LCD TV of a higher brand and have to say that I think the Hisense LED has a better picture.


I bought the 40" version last time and it arrived with the power outlet in the back of the TV upside down. That doesn’t sound bad except that the power cord that comes with it is a right-angle cord and it wouldn’t go into the outlet due to the recessed space the outlet resides in. I had to buy a straight power cord and it works fine now, but you have to wonder how they refurbish these things.


It is generally expected that LED has better picture quality than LCD. There is also the added bonus that LED does not take as much power to operate. In a year’s time that can make a few bucks difference in your power bill.