Hisense 42" or 46" 1080p LED HDTV



lots of good reviews on the 46" F46K20E over at walmart


The 42’ for $299.99 seems like a good deal to me. Is it?


60 Hz, yawn…


These have been sold multiple times:

I’m guessing prices were the same last month for all 3 on sale

and last month without the 3D TV

Prices tonight:

146K316DW $479.99

42" F42K20E $299.99
November: $279.99 http://tech.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5249960

46" F46K20E $379.99

You get the idea, that’s all I can do, have to go back to work. Good night.


Who pays for the return shipping if something goes wrong with one of these units? Also, Who does the refurbing of these? I’d be interested in purchasing a couple of the 3-D versions, but I’m leary of spending that kind of money only to find out that it cost me $50-$100 for return shipping and it only lasts a month.


Why is the 42in twenty bucks more now that it was a few months ago? I thought tv’s are to drop in price, not increase, as they get older. Price adjustment, please!


Anyone know if the 3D model is active or passive 3D? Does it come with glasses? Thanks!


The 46" 3d is active 3d (so the glasses have batteries and are expensive)


Here’s hisense’s main page for the 46" 3d: http://hisense-usa.com/tvs/K316/46/51


I’m seeing that we’ve sold this model once before for $300 in a Plus event.


I got the 40" version at $254 about 6 months ago. It’s one of the best TVs we’ve owned. I’d upgrade to the 42" in a heartbeat, though the price on the 46" is way too much!


As was noted above, looks from a few of the comments at this link that it was sold for $280 last time. http://tech.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5249960


Ah, probably pre-holiday pricing. We had to compete with the rest of the world on aggressive pricing in Nov & Dec.


You still do.


OK - So we can only count on WOOT for good pricing when the Big Box stores are offering good prices…Hmmmmmm


I grabbed the 47" Hi-sense around Xmas on a stellar $380 deal IIRC.

Very impressed, I’m not a TV guru but I can understand quality and this puppy on HDTV settings on my video card drivers makes my video gaming experience 100% better.


Hisense (Chinese: 海信集团) is a white goods and electronics manufacturer based in China. It is a state-owned enterprise…never want to give money straight to the peoples republic of Chine (Wal-Mart)


I’ve had the 42 inch for over a month and it’s really good. I don’t really have any complaints. It’s very thin and it displays pictures well. It’s not an amazing tv, but if you need a spare bedroom tv, it’s a great tv for that.


Where are the Tvs? I haven’t seen them in over a week.