Hisense 46" 1080p LED HDTV

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**Item: **Hisense 46" 1080p LED HDTV
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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1/5/2013 - $299.99-379.99 - 61 comment(s)

3/4/2013 - $380.00 (Woot Plus)
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Decent reviews (3.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Bought one of these back in January; so far, it’s been very good. Nice picture, no complaints about it.

this price is crazy high. newegg had 42" Hisense a month ago for $205

Finally, a TV!

60hz on a 46" TV? What a waste of money.

This price is really high for a refurbished 60hz TV in this size… stay far away from this. You can get much better deals than this elsewhere.

Avoid this brand. Poor quality and build. Tried being cheap before and got this, and you get what you pay for.

Stick to better known brands like Vizio, Sony, Samsung.

Is that a scene from The Making of My Dinner with Andre?

Haha - Good stuff, that one was good.


Missing pictures?? For several days many of the pictures at WOOT! do not display on my Mac using Firefox. Older images that displayed the day before still work. It seems to be the new ones that are a problem. Early this AM it happened again, now it seems fine and all pictures display. I post here because it seems more likely to be read by Woot! staff, not because this auction’s picture was one of the offenders.

It is really hard to decide to buy something you can’t view.

Not a woot problem. A Firefox problem search their knowledgebase.

Also, try a different browser.

Also, would help if you said what version of OSX and Firefox you are using.

Apple users tend to never blame themselves or whatever software is on their equipment.

What’s up with not being able to use PayPal?

I bought this from woot in January.

It arrived with a broken stand but some superglue fixed that.

Slow to start up but nice picture.

Be aware the invoice will add tax (32.72 in CA) and for CA a 5 dollar Waste Recycling fee.


…and another comment on that page indicated Woot’s PayPal acct has been down all week.

Thanks. I was thinking since Ebay owns PayPal and Amazon owns Woot, Amazon didn’t want to be putting money in Ebay’s pocket. I bought a TV last night and had to use my charge card. Rather had PayPal, but I’ll just pay it when it posts to my account.

Better brands like Vizio due your homework this company been making electronics from the 1970 and are very popular overseas. They might also be the ones that supply Vizio are make them so don’t bash a product unless you know what you are talking about. I also own one of these TV’s and it is great better picture than my sony.

Hey, the dropped the price $50 since last night. :slight_smile: