Hisense 46" 1080p LED HDTV

Some excellent reviews from Walmart

**Item: **Hisense 46" 1080p LED HDTV
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Here’s the manufacturer’s page for some more info.


You forgot experts in the field of Hyacinths. Not much overlap between botany and electronics…

This is amazing VALUE!

This is not the Hisense I was looking for. Move along.

Check out this warning from an unhappy customer [youtube=Q06b3c0nl6U][/youtube]

I must have missed the birthday party - Happy Birthday, Woot!

I knew I had seen that Lichme name before when in the ustream chat. Always comments first with good information. I was thinking it was a staff member.

I’m tempted. I’ll think about it. I’ve still got an old school clunky box tv and kind of think it’s time to replace it. Refurbished always makes me skiddish because I have terrible luck. :frowning:

Anybody buy this the last time? Any issues or is it awesome?

All lcd tv’s with a refresh rate of 60hz should be banned.
120hz should be new norm. watching fast action video with 60hz is terrible.

I’m lusting after a Smart TV, and after five years, there’ll be something else new that is needed.

Defective unit. All manufacturers have them.

This is almost assuredly a conflict with your cable company and NOT the fault of the tv

Hisense is not a good brand. I’ve had one before and had very bad experience with it’s quality and build. Do not buy. There’s a reason it’s cheap.

I’ve wondered these same things. The name just SOUNDS cheap… along the lines of Insignia.

Hisense has become quite popular so I was holding out hope that they might be the new Vizio, which also sounded weird when they first came out. Difference being that my refurb Vizio 38" LCD is still going strong after 4-5 years, and Hisense has no track record whatsoever.

Yes, although the support from these folks is marginal. We have an issue with one we bought in December (42") that has developed a line in the picture. I conacted support, and they said I had to send it back to them, but they would pay shipping. We’d already recycled the box since it was past the 90 days for a store return, and found that it would cost more than $70 just for a box to ship it back. HiSense said they had no access to an empty box they could ship, and that we were SoL. If you make the decision to purchase one of these, save the box for the whole warranty period so you’re not disappointed like we were.

I’ve been nothing but happy with mine since buying about a year ago. Everything has worked flawlessly and it’s a great picture. I do like the extra size but the only problem I’ve ran into vs a 42" is that it was really hard to find an armoire that fit this TV. we had to hold out for a while to find one big enough to fit a 46". not the worst problem to have…

Do NOT buy this. Mine arrived with all sorts of problems and many weeks later I’m still waiting on my refund. Stay far away from Hisense TVs. Two in a row from Woot ended up like this.