Hisense 46" or 42" 1080p LED HDTV

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Hisense 46" or 42" 1080p LED HDTV
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Well, the 42inch TV sells for $100 more new at the mothership, and does have a glowing review.

I got the 42" last time it was up (a few days before Black Friday), and I love it. The only drawback is when I watch anything in SD it’s not as crisp as I’d like, but I think it’s like that with lots of HDTV’s…or I could be cutting it too much slack.

The picture and sound are great for my tastes (I’m no tv techie or anything), and one tiny detail that I really like is I can change the aspect ratio. I don’t know why but I couldn’t do that with my last tv.

I definitely recommend.

The 46" is available in Walmart stores (so no price listed online) and has very good reviews as well.

I got one of these at Costco last summer and love it. The sound is just adequate but we added a cheap sound bar and are completely happy. for the price it is spectacular.

I bought one of the 42" on a previous Woot. I absolutely loved it for the price, sold it for the same price as the Coby 46" and got that one from the christmas woots. The hisense has a better display response. Great deal.

We have one of the 46" from a wal-mart refurb deal, and it’s been working out great. They stack up well when you see them next to about everything except for a Panasonic in stores. But for the price? Impossible to beat.

I’ve had the 46" for about a year and honestly I love the thing. They’re not the thinnest TVs but for the price I couldn’t beat it.

Has all the inputs I need and works flawlessly. Hitachi internals too.

Is there a warranty offered with any of the electronics sold on woot?

seems like a really good deal to me. i’m in for one. it was time to upgrade from the 32". :slight_smile:

I have the 42", I picked it up on clearance at Walmart for $250. Overall, I love it. It’s not perfect, but it suits all of my needs just fine. The only issue I’ve noticed is as follows. On occasion in dark areas of a video, you will get some trails left behind…but it doesn’t happen very often and isn’t very noticeable. Unbeatable for the price.

These have a 90-day Woot warranty.

Usually we have a link to an extended SquareTrade warranty for purchase but they don’t support links for multiple sales at this time.

I will say SquareTrade is a fantastic idea and super cheap compared to big box warranties. They have taken care of a few of my items and very much to my satisfaction.

I have this TV and I’ve had that same issue. I turned off noise reduction under the video settings and it usually clears up weird patterns like that.

Will squaretrade honor this since it is a refurb?

Is the digital audio out a coax or optical? If coax, are there coax to optical adapters? Was about to buy a TV from another place tomorrow, but need the optical audio out.

We got the 42" at Walmart for $368, including tax. So far I’m quite happy with it. I have also noticed that if you are watching SD the picture isn’t perfect, but in my case part of the problem was that I was sitting too close to the TV, allowing me to notice it more. By moving back a bit it’s a lot less noticeable.

I was originally a little concerned about it not having Netflix and stuff baked in, but then I had a “DUH” moment and decided that between XBox, Roku, and connected BluRay player I’ve already got all that stuff.

Buy this converter on Amazon so you can run sound through a stereo: FiiO D3 (D03K) Digital to Analog Audio Converter With Micca 6ft Optical Toslink Cable - 192kHz/24bit Optical and Coaxial DAC
Works great and with a mini USB-USB cable you can power it off your TVs USB.

Good price
Only 1.5" thick
No vent grills on back plate
Perfect tv to attach directly on wall and put a frame around it.

I’ve got a bunch of Monne to klimpt to display on this sucker!
Damnit! I want to get one…but I already got the 42" one for my sister for xmas.
She loves it, btw.