Hisense 50" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

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I bought this TV from Costco for not much more about 4 months ago.

Very happy with my purchase.

Very light. Great quality. Not many bells and whistles for connections in the back and not a smart tv but that’s ok. If you’ve got a receiver and an Apple TV or Roku, you’re set.

Time to check out an extremely similar model and need support? Check out the support page

Found a thread talking of these sets, this specific one as well. TV snobs call them “low-end TV sets for kids”


is this thing even Java enabled?

I also purchased one of these from Sams Club a few months ago for a slightly higher price, it was just too good of a deal to pass up at the time.

However, the refresh rate on this thing is so ridiculous, and there’s no way to turn it off. It gives everything the “soap opera effect,” so if you are not a fan of that, then this isn’t the set for you.

I called their customer service because there is an option in the TV menu for turning the high refresh rate on and off, but selecting it does nothing, and the phone representative basically told me to return the TV and buy a brand that I like, so that was cool.

So you’re basically complaining that this doesn’t have motion blur and you like motion blur and there is no feature to enable motion blur? Okay then!

With that being said it appears that this TV is not a true 120hz but instead a 60hz tv that has “technology” to add imaginary frames to make it appear like a 120hz tv. With that being said… you’re paying $400 for a 60hz TV in 50" which will probably drive anyone who is looking for a 120hz tv insane.

I guess we stumbled upon the same deal at SAMS CLUB… I had to return the TV because it was giving me a hard time with the startup time… sometimes it would take up to a whole minute for the LCD to show the picture…
I called the service rep, and he basically told me that it was considered “normal” and that if I didnt like it, I should go with another brand of my liking, so yes… maybe we also got the same rep

I agree there are some TV / Home theater snobs that won’t like it. But for the other 99.9 percent it is great!
I bought two Hisense TV’s from woot. Both are 40" versions. One is LED and one LCD.

The LED is awesome for the money. You really can’t beat the price with a baseball bat. No, it isn’t as good as my 70" LED but seriously a 50" LED TV for under 400 bucks! I think the biggest downfall an average consumer will find is the up conversion isn’t that great for non HD. Watching a blu ray will be fantastic. A regular DVD will be just ok (especially in comparison to BluRay). If you don’t have a HD signal then you either want to upgrade the signal or get a better TV that does better up conversion… It’s probably more wise to upgrade the signal.

In short I highly recommend this TV for the value minded consumer.

Does anyone know the mounting size Vesa ? under the comments it says standard Vesa?? Not sure if any wall mount that suppoorts the weight and size would work . Please advise

I’m siding with herephishiphishi on this one… when watching a movie, I prefer it to look like it was shot on film rather than looking like it was shot on a Sony handicam. It’s distracting, especially on things that were actually shot on film.

It’s not “enable motion blur” the request is “show the content without manipulating it” which is a valid concern.

It’s 400x400.

Turning off the 120 Hz effect, should make a difference. You may just need to turn all devices off then on.

I had experienced the same thing, but that effect being turned off, fixed it.

What is the contrast ratio???

Were you able to disable the 120 Hz effect on this specific model (Hisense 50K23DG 50" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV)?

herephishiphishi seems to be saying that 1) he wasn’t able to and 2) the support operator more-or-less agreed that disabling 120 Hz wasn’t possible and then told him to go away (since it wasn’t fixable).

I’d buy this thing if I knew I could get it to stay at 60 Hz.

Does this have RCA jacks and will it work with my MAC?

Being a novice - why do you want to stay with the 60hz? What is the disadvantage of having a faster refresh rate? I have a 5 or 6 year old 40 inch with a 60hz refresh rate and I get a lot of pixilation during really fast motion scenes. Your discussion has confused me! Please enlighten me, if you would, oh Gurus of the Television world.

I think his point is that that this LED is not true 120hz and the process they use makes the refresh rate undesireagble due to the way it converts.