Hisense 50" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV

Hisense 50" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV
Price: $349.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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This deal is CRAZY. If only I didn’t still have a 3-year-old 50" Hisense that works perfectly.

Perfect reviews over at NewEgg.com

Product Page

I have this TV. It works well after a year, but the “smartness” of it can be pretty annoying. It constantly requires adjustment to “Dot-for-dot” mode when using it with my PC for HDMI, and I’ve had some hard to trace refresh rate issues. My biggest qualm is that it takes nearly a full minute just to boot up to the actual TV.

Is this truly a “smart tv”? It seems like it only has a web browser and anything beyond that requires additional equipment.

What model year is this TV. Does it have Roku built in like some of the current models ?

According to the Hisense site, this does not have the Roku feature.

I am very happy with the Hisense 50" model that I bought 2 years ago on Woot.

However, I am surprised that when reading the reviews on Newegg, I find that this same refurb model was available almost 12 months ago for $329 after rebate.

I would assume that with the pricing pressure on TV’s we would see the price lower now on this model versus that offered when the model was relatively new.

this exact TV is cheaper at Walmart by a dollar, and they aren’t re-manufactured… sorry to be a buzz kill.


Please post the Walmart link.
b/c I did not see this model @ Walmart.

I don’t either. He must have been looking at a different model.

If you Google “Hisense 50” 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV" the Walmart link is the first to appear, however it is out of stock online and in most stores it would seem.

How are the speakers? Will they suffice for a small-ish room with non-audiophiles, or are they tinny beyond use?

Thank you so much! My local walmart has it in stock =D Going to get one now!

Walmart has the 50H5GB and it is new for $350 but in store only. I picked one up locally on August 17th when woot had them last. Apparently the woot deal helped their sale, when I reserved mine online they had six. When I picked it up it was the last one in that store. It is a decent TV for the money.My only complaints are some minor light bleed through in the lower corners, and the built in media player. I have a couple hundred DVDs ripped to a network hard drive, all done with the same program, same format, same codec. The Hisense player only finds about half and half of those deliver a message saying format not supported. My Roku has no problem.

It is. Along with the browser it has Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, AccuWeather, Viewster, YouTube, and access to the Opera Apps store.


The Walmart TV is a different model (it has a B at the end of the model #). It’s only 60Hz instead of 120Hz the one here is…plus many other differences including headphone, analog 5.1 and stereo connectivity. The one here is almost 7 lbs. heavier and the original warranty was 24 months compared to the Walmart model’s 12 months. If you look at the pics you’ll see the stands are even totally different. Here is a link comparing the 2 different models…the Walmart 50H5GB and this Woot 50H5G one.