Hisense 50" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Really? One day after I bought the 1080p one at $100 less :frowning:

And the one time you guys shipped out the next day too so I can’t even refund it and get this one. Blerghhhhhhh lol

Though just to be useful as well and not entirely disgruntled lol;
Good reviews over at Walmart.

Hisense 50" NEW at Walmart for 498.
Walmart offers the Hisense 50" 4K 2160p LED-Backlit LCD Ultra HD Smart Television, model no. 50H7GB, for $498 with free shipping. That’s $100 off list and the lowest total price we could find. It features a native resolution of 3840x2160p (2160p), LED backlight, WiFi, Smart TV apps (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.), three USB ports, and four HDMI inputs.

[MOD EDIT: Link? Walmart only showing $598]
Walmart deal has expired BUT it was posted on Dealnews and can be confirmed if you do a search there. This TV was available brand NEW with FULL WARRANTY for less than $50 more than this refurb.

Walmart is showing $600 (okay it’s actually $598.00) new to me, w/ free shipping.

I see this refurb set only has the Woot 90 day warranty. Is it correct I read that if I receive a bad set that with the Woot warranty I have to pay the return shipping?? On a big TV that’s a killer.

I saw this 20 minutes after ordering the 55" refurbished Samsung for $585. Just my stinkin’ luck I guess.

For what it’s worth on the 50" 1080 Hisense community page (the above mentioned one I bought), someone said they bought a refurb model from woot 3 years ago and it’s still kickin strong, saw similar comments around the web, so it seems Hisense perhaps in a general perspective has a good refurb history.

I do not normally believe in extended service plans. But with high priced TVs I really do. Though it could be argued that the hisense is not too bad. Anyway this is quite tempting but the lack of meaningful warranty options is a deal killer for me here.

That and the fact we are heading into the holiday season where there will be other options with better warranties has me carefully releasing the trigger on this one.

You really came out better buying that TV from the store. I bought a Samsung smart TV last year, on Woot, only to have it go out exactly two days before having it a full year. The Hisense has a 4 year in home warranty. For an extra 100 bucks you got a pretty good warranty. I really wanted to buy another TV from here but without a warranty I just can’t do it. I bought the Hisense and I’m very pleased for the money.

The best thing about 4K tv is the ability to be able to stream Ultraflix. Ultraflix is the only company out that streams ALL of it’s content in 4K. Best part is that the bandwidth required is only 5mbps with little or no quality loss.

Below is an article about Ultraflix!!!


Deal has expired but if you go to Dealnews and search Hisense just check the box for expired deals and you will see the Walmart price was $498 NEW for the same TV.

Anyone use this as a computer monitor?

Yay or nay? Figured I would ask since it is 4k resolution.

Don’t have them in-store anywhere around here :confused:

After a ton of looking around, I’m actually buying this one for my computer, the most notable thing I’ve seen reported is that it can have some notable input delay of 170+ms for gaming, however it has a “Game mode” (Default is apparently “Theatre mode” that reduces it down to around 50ms.

It’s also apparently got two HDMI 2.0 ports, both of which operate in a 4Kp60 4:4:4 8b mode (which is more or less what you want for a screen that may have HD-PC uses).

Though being 50" will make it rough for most computer desks, and since my desk is away from a wall (ie; middle of a room more or less) I just snagged this to put it on directly behind the desk lol.

TL;DR: It looks like it will make for a decent PC monitor as well.