Hisense 500-sq ft Portable Air Conditioner

Hisense 500-sq ft Portable Air Conditioner

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If I use this in a smaller room, about 150 sq ft., will it be consuming too much electricity vs a smaller one that works for 150-200 sq ft room?


My advice based on owning six of these floor portable AC type units in a beach property, is to buy bigger than any advertisement sizing implies you can get by with. These type units are very inefficient (compared to central, window sill, through the wall), even with two hoses. Bigger is better despite the electrical cost. So, don’t look for a floor portable AC unit sized for 200sf (if they make one).


“3 Modes - cooling, fan, and dehumidifier” it should be illegal to call a single hose portable AC a dehumidifier! They suck air out of the room thus creating a negative pressure and sucking air in from out side.

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Which option would consume more electricity is more a function of design efficiency than size; this appears to be a single-hose unit which is inherently less efficient than a dual-hose or through-the window unit providing the same cooling.

But equally importantly a too-big unit will tend to cycle on and off more, and may let humidity build up more, than a properly-sized one. That said, this has 3 fan speeds and I would guess that on low speed (which is what you want anyway, due to noise concerns) this would be fine for a smaller room.

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I have a dehumidifier in my basement. It hardly runs even at 40%. But we have a large portable unit in one of the kids room (12x24) on the side of the house that gets the noon and evening sun, so it gets warmer then other rooms on the 2nd floor, plus it’s at the end of the air supply. As for the dehumidifier portion, it’s one of those evaporation type units. Doesn’t need a hose and I’ve been using it during the sprint and summer for the past 6 years, never had any problems with it. I do have the exhaust hose setup at the window when the A/C is running but other then that, it does it’s job. My unit in the basement has a hose I ran through an opening in the wall right into the sump pump hole. Basement is finished and IMO, is the driest basement I’ve ever been in. Almost too dry.

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This type of air conditioner is horribly inefficient. Get a smaller window unit and you’ll be much happier.

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Anyone have the numbers on this? It’s the Hisense that’s on sale right now, I need to know because some plugs do have limits.

A/C should have it’s own plug.

Hi there. Moved your post over here in the discussion for the AC units.

The linked user guides have this information on page 5, I believe.

Cue the mandatory “Two vent units are better than one vent units because…” comment. Unit with an intake AND outtake are harder to find than unicorns.

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True, but not everyone can stick a window unit in a window for a variety of reasons.


I’m looking for an AC unit in case we get hit by a hurricane again and the power gets knocked out for a week or more. We have a new gas/propane generator to hook up to it. Any opinions on this model in that scenario?

Does the manufacturer sell a window panel kit longer than what comes with this unit? I see from the user guide that the window panel goes up to 50 inches. I have a window that slides open sideways and the inside measurement is 59 inches.

Looks like Amazon has some:

We have the same setup, these units pull a lot of amps so take that into consideration… We have a 3500 Watt generator and it works just fine.

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What is the return policy for this item?

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Just got it. Having issues with it after 3 days of use, Hisense says there is no warranty. What has happened to my beloved woot… the last three things I’ve bought have either been defective or garbage… this is one EXPENSIVE piece of garbage.

Came with broken parts?

I’m sorry for the problem. Please reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.