Hisense 55" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV

Amazon reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Hisense-50H6B-50-Inch-1080p-Smart/product-reviews/B0141BV1F6

Reviews all around seem to be pretty positive with the exception that if you need to contact support it’s poor and that if you get a bum unit it’s very hard to get it serviced under warranty.

I have ordered this product twice now (possibly the 50") and both times the product arrived broken. The first time the screen was smashed and the second time the resolution was completely distorted. It was a hassle and slight expense getting them returned, even though WOOT was fully compliant. The thing I found to be odd was that they were PERFECTLY packed and protected, with no marks on the boxes. I asked WOOT to call me to explain how the screen could be smashed, but no response. I was disappointing, as I love this site and order often. Each time I had to drive 15 miles to the closest FedEx office, buy packing tape and I even purchased a wall mount, which is sitting in my garage. I want to order this again, as it gets great reviews and has a web browser, but feel I will be unlucky a third time.

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I recently purchased a TV from another online retailer and it arrived broken as well. I’m pretty into this product and this deal, but I can’t tell if the Woot Warranty covers damage during shipping… This guys says he had trouble returning it, and then you sent him a PRIVATE MESSSAGE! What did it say? What’s in the (in)box?!

If the TV arrives damaged or not working, we will absolutely help you return it. Just use our Support form at the top of the page.

My message to the other person was just about his return.

Cool, thanks TT

Thinking buying one , anyone have any positive or negative about this deal please share , thanks .