Hisense Dual-Core Android Tablet with Wi-Fi

Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) over at newegg.com


Bought one of these for my not-very-technology-inclined mom for Mother’s Day. Works well so far. It can be slow a bit slow if you’re trying to do a bunch at once (will occasionally cold restart if a lot of apps are open), but has access to Google Play and for a simple tablet has everything you need.

Does it have bluetooth by any chance?

[MOD: No BT]

Capacitive or resistive touch screen? (As if the price didn’t give it away.)

If this is the Hisense Sero (not Sero Pro), that I got on woot a couple months ago for $80, it is so incredibly slow as to be unusable.

Is it faster than a breadbox?

This is a basic LT (or light) version Hisense tablet, so no GPS or Bluetooth. It does have a 5-point capacitive screen and decent specs for this price; good for kids or light usage that can be looked at as disposable.

However, one may have to root the tablet, install Titanium Backup, and freeze or uninstall junk/bloatware and see if it can be overclocked a little, or at least bump the lowest processor speed slightly higher for better performance. Also, 4GB internal storage (much less due to Android taking up at least 1GB space) on a Jelly Bean 4.1 device is going to leave many users with little ability to install many games and apps, unless one roots the tablet, creates 2 primary partitions on an external SD card, and use an app like APPS2SD, Links2SD, and/or GL2SD.

Expect performance to otherwise be like from a device two years ago since the hardware is about that old, especially when the processor is a Chinese production lower end product. Otherwise, can’t complain at this price point.

Sorry I MUST do this . . .

“The LT had to have more memory then your grandmother”

While your pithy prose is somewhat entertaining . . . you need to learn the correct usage of then and than. Here’s the school:


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Come on people! $40 sans shipping and tax for a 7" tablet. Do you expect an iPad technology?? If you can find a better tablet for any price lower; PLEASE share it with us along with the specs to justify it.

Normally, I would agree with you (I own 2 bottom of the line, terrible Coby tablets that I picked up for around $20 on a fire sale), but in this case every review you find on this tablet is the same.

“Cheap, but still not worth it”

They’re reviewing it at the $99 price tag. Honestly, you can do a lot worse at this price point. A LOT.

HDMI . . . SMACHDMI! Anybody know the external resolution? Not all are really up to external display; don’t ya know!

Oh, the price is pretty good and for $40 I ordered mine, but I like punishing myself with inferior electronics :). If people are looking for a good experience, I’d shop around.

How does the performance stack up to a 1st Gen Kindle Fire?

My brother-in-law had this at about $59 price point. Lasted about a month before dying a black-screen death. In that month it was slow and glitchy. Its a Chinese owned and manufactured brand using pirated components and cheap materials. Please don’t buy this, we need less of this cheap crap from China, not more…

This is how I rooted mine http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2335011&page=2 super simple.

It is veeery slow, though. Battery life on mine is horrible. I can charge it to 100%, unplug it and it’s dead by end of day without even using it once.

Newegg had this $25 AR yesterday. If youre not pressed you might just wait on it, this isn’t a killer deal.

Purchased 3 from Woot! earlier this year for $60 each. For $60 I didn’t expect much and still I was disappointed. It’s slow & unresponsive, the battery life sucks. I still use mine daily but the other 2 were for my kids & they are collecting dust. Not likely I would purchase this for $40 now. Maybe $20-$30. Just one guy’s opinion.