Hisense Sero 8 Quad-Core 16GB Tablet

Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at walmart.com

User Manual PDF

I have this pad. Purchased new at Walmart for $129 which I feel was a great deal. Has been a great pad. I would highly recommend.

Was hoping an owner would drop a comment. Thanks, macwall.

Found this 16 minute review on youtube as well. Performance seems good based on his testing. The benchmarks he shows are waaaay below my phone’s, but for $70, I think it’s peppy enough.


I was almost hooked, but while I don’t need 3 or 4 G in a tablet, GPS is a must for me. No GPS no sale.

Some config stats on this one and another version.


Get lost a lot?

I lost a Samsung galaxy tab3 7" that I got from woot last year. I really liked it for web surfing, etc. away from the desktop. Anyone know how this would compare? And should I just ante up $40 bucks more for the Galaxy tab Lite that woot has now on main page?

No HDMI & no GPS like the Sero 7 Pro which was recently $45 refurb.

Nice link but there is at least one error. The Sero 7 Pro has HDMI. Have several in the family, all have served really well.

Does anyone know if the OS can be upgraded to 5.0?

Does it have a “back button”? Seems I use that a lot.

Wish this had the newer/faster DDR3 RAM rather than the DDR2. And I don’t like the speaker on the back: I find this muffles the sound when handheld or propped against a pillow.


Wow that’s crazy. Sero 7 Pro has GPS, works great. Wonder if the 8 Pro will have GPS?

Probably but don’t count on Hisense to provide updates, they’ve already failed to keep their promise to update their Sero 7 Pro. Check XDA, there may be a lollipop ROM made for it.