Hisense Sero 8 Quad-Core 16GB Tablet

One thing I noticed right away is the Amazon Fire has a 7" display and the Hisense is 8".

Even though its a referb, since we are comparing it to the Amazon Fire, I think the HD screen makes it a better buy. I mean, don’t you use your tablet as a mobile movie machine?

Save your money and spend at least $150 on a decent tablet. I’ve learned my lesson buying cheapo tablet after cheapo tablet only to wind up selling them on eBay for a loss. Horrible lag, battery life of a few hours, pathetic storage and RAM, wonky ROMs, trouble getting apps from the Play Store even when “certified”. I bought a refurb Galaxy Tab for $160 from the mothership and couldn’t be happier.

This thing is $50. The screen is decent at 1280x800 IPS panel, it has a quad core processor Rockchip RK3188- which is dated - but not horrible. 1GB RAM is light, but usable. Hisense is actually a decent Chinese company, but this tablet, in particular, had some issues originally. Hopefully the refurbed units have these issues fixed. I have used the Hisense Sero Pro 7 (like a generic 1st gen Nexus 7 tablet) and gave them out as Christmas gifts one year- those worked great. If you change the firmware, don’t go beyond Kitkat 4.4, because chances are the drivers won’t be optimized for higher OS. My suggestion is pick one up if you need a cheap tablet. Play with it hard for a couple weeks to see if there are any major issues, and send it back if there are problems. Keep in perspective that this is a $50 tablet though, but it should not be a complete dud with those specs.

…i am buying these for Christmas, i guess the 90 day guarantee will run out before they get to use them… oh well…

The Computer daily deal has a 1.4 GHz processor vs. the Fire which has a 1.3 GHz processor.

The Computer daily deal has Bluetooth (Very surprised to see this.) vs. the Fire which does not.

The Computer daily deal supports up to a 32GB SD card vs. the Fire which supports up to 128GB SD card.

The Computer daily deal has the Google Play store vs. the Fire which has the Amazon app store. (This is the deal breaker for many.)

the resolution of the Fire tablet is only 1024x600 vs the Hisense tablet 1280x800.

That’s a big deal breaker also regarding the $50 Fire tablet.

I would definitely take them out and play with (all) of them for at least a week to make sure they can hold a charge, all the buttons work, Google play works and there are no major defects before packing them away for Christmas. Just sign on with your google account, then do a factory reset after you’ve tested them.

Can you not install Play store on the Fire or is it just no pre-installed?

If my Sero 7 wasn’t still running like a champ, I would probably be in for one of these…Especially for $50.

Anybody know if this will squeeze into a pink Nexus 7 case? I happen to have one hanging around. :slight_smile:

Anybody know if it has a capacitive or resistive touch screen? Capacitive screens are the ones we all know and love. Resistive membrane screens are cheaper and pretty much only seen on devices like gps navigators and car stereos. They require a lot of pressure for the touches to get noticed. Resistive membrane screens are also incapable of multitouch operations.

…thank you, gak0090

The $50 Fire is a device to push Amazon ads at you whenever it can (“special offers”), the Computer daily deal is a tablet.

Read this before you think about buying the $50 Amazon tablets

Sideloading google play may be an option, but at the very least probably requires root. In addition, there could be issues with the way some apps run on it. The build.prop file may need edited for the play store to work right (especially with a 1024x600 resolution). I have seen ways to add the play store to the previous Fire tablets, but nothing for the new generation. I’m not sure if the process is similar, since these have a newer version of fire OS on them (heavily skinned Android lollipop)

No problem- good luck! At this price I want to buy one also, just to keep in my bathroom (like a Chumby). So I can put weather and Calendar widgets on it.

Yeah. The same way I can squeeze into my size 38s.

For anyone interested in development, it is almost non-existent. Digging, I found one custom ROM, and it is stock-based. No CM or other choices, unlike the Sero 7 Pro. Still, looks really good for the price. I may snag one for my niece.

…what case/cover will fit this tablet?

The Fire has Bluetooth.