Hissing Booth

Good a shirt for those cat haters out there :slight_smile:

It’s about time the cat found a way to cough up (get it?) its share of expenses.

ha! Entertaining contrast between the lickers and the tail flickers ; )

That write up was lame.

(The Dissing booth is free.)

@Design: Gasp, first sucker on a non fox shirt? Well, I just happened to be here today, and saw some familiar artwork. :slight_smile:

@Writeup: I know a fox that can do some really cool tricks, too:


I vote Hissing Booth

Agreed. Cat hisses beat dog slobber any day.

I can get doggie kisses free (so many doggie kisses), I think I’d actually go ahead and pay for a good hiss. Never had one of those.

Nearly bought this but realized the artist made the classic rookie mistake for a chick shirt - left and right placement. My wife would dope-slap me if I got this for her.

Please make a version with just the “hissing booth”. The concept is strong and it will read just as fast, if not faster, without the second booth.

Great illustrations!

Not married, huh?

How many first suckers are you up to now? I mean, I’m sure I could just search ‘foxes’ from the back catalog :), but I know there were side sales in which you were first too …

This is also a catlovers’ shirt as well. I would be all over this if it wasn’t Christmas coloured.

I’m sure there’s a really terrible joke to be made from that somehow! ;3 (Though on a serious note, I have to wonder what sort of alternative the design would have to avoid the problem.)

Dunno. Didn’t see a point in counting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But this is one of (if not) the first times I’ve been first sucker on a non-fox item. I’m starting to wish Woot took Paypal, though…

And aww, no one made a remark about the really impressive fox video. Well, just so people know, that’s one of the Russian Domesticated foxes from the scientific project they’ve got going on. The owner has done some really impressive things.

Oh don’t give up hope on the video! I only just saw it. Amazing. I first read about the Russian domesticated fox project in National Geographic a few years ago. The name Irina sounded familiar, but going by your comment, might I take it the woman in the video is the head of that project? If so, wow!

As for the foxes themselves, they are beautiful animals. I wonder why someone didn’t think to domesticate them before Irina? :slight_smile: I wonder if someone in the US will do the same. Maybe a day will come when they will be as regular a pet choice as dogs, cats, and fish. Wouldn’t that be something to see?

I second this! Would be so much better with just the hissing booth, and it would also solve the placement problem.

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I’m not too sure of the details between the owner and the fox, I only know it’s an unlisted Institute video and a Russian Domesticated fox as the star.

As far as a country-wide ruling towards these guys, I wouldn’t hold your breath. The Institute won’t be pushing for a scientific reclassification (vulpes familiaris) for a long time to come (if ever) and when some states are trying to pass laws to preserve the practice of fox chases/hunts (Louisiana for one), I doubt we’ll be seeing much in the way of legitimization any time soon. :frowning:

As obsessive as I am, I lack the resources to make an impact on something so trivial.

No. What’s that got to do with it? Spouses make you want to get cats?