Hit Me With Your Best Song

Before you link me your favorite music video I have some criteria. I need a song for my emcee to walk in with. It should have a good strong intro. It should be clean and super kid friendly as the target audience is between 9 and 14 years of age (IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE KID POP, just clean). It should in some way shape or form relate to the theme of trash, recycling, reuse, or waste management.

example: Last year’s theme was education and we used Jackson 5’s ABC 123.


“my sweet lord” george harrison

It mentions sweeping…

Waste management is a tough one!

Because it has been a long day, and i am pretty much useless these days, i will go with the obvious…




Wow Dougall you are on fire! Thanks all… Keep 'em coming. My DJ needs to access a legit copy, but he’s good at it.

This immediately came to mind…


This might not be the kind of trash you are looking for…




How soon do you need this? I’ve got a listing of about a dozen (some listed above) recycling themed songs that I can dig up from back in my days as a leader for a youth program.

In the meantime, there’s always…

Right now we are trying to get the 3Rs We’re digging that one universally. The DJ is playing it on Saturday and Sunday during our opening ceremonies.