Hitachi 10.8V Right-Angle Impact Driver

If you can find one, they’re ~$35 ea

This is probably only an ideal buy for someone who already has some Hitachi 10.8/12v tools.

You’re right. Buying just a battery and charger can get pretty expensive. However, you can buy a kit with a drill, impact driver, flashlight, carrying bag, charger and two batteries on Amazon new for 99$. That’s what I just did :slight_smile: Great gifts for new home owner friends that don’t have many tools.

Amazon price for 12V battery = $50
Amazon price for charger = $35
Also a discontinued item, so replacement battery prices (if they remain available) will only go up. If you don’t absolutely need this, I’d steer clear.

Hmm. This really wasn’t such a good deal. When I saw it and purchased on my phone, I didn’t see the “battery and charger not included” disclaimer.

Poor form, Woot!

Crap like that should be in a paper bag or sold on Flash Deals, not in a woot-off.


What model number battery works with this right angle impact driver? Is it the BCL1015?

Do you have the model number?

I think so. Parts list