Hitachi 12-Volt Peak 2-Tool Kit

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Hitachi 12-Volt Peak 2-Tool Kit
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Bought the drill/driver as a kit here with a rotary tool in 2013 and it works well in my light-duty household tasks. So far, I’ve not needed more power, but I haven’t tried pushing the envelope. I later added the 90° impact driver from the same tool family and that is great too.

Battery life has been fine, but I haven’t been doing any huge jobs. Example projects I’ve done include: mounting things to walls, assembling furniture, mounting a stair bannister, hanging ceiling fans, etc.

These things are killer good. Had them for years. Getting these for son for Christmas.

I am an installer for window treatments for Lowes and Homedepot and have had this drill for about 13 years, the same one! The 1st one I bought, I paid $132 for it at Lowes and that was just for the hex head micro drill. I have another as back up (just found it matter of fact) in my trailer but haven’t had to use it yet but I just bought this as a backup for the backup.
It is great for for my needs expecially if your installing 20+ blinds. Very light and with sufficient speed/torque. My 19.2 craftsman is just to big and heavy for this application.
I also have the 90 degree hammer drill, saws-all and the hammer drill which comes with this ‘kit’.
The battery life is very good, I can run off of one battery for a couple of days with many jobs and they charge fast. I have bought one set of batteries since I had this product after market.
Highly recommended and if you don’t need one maybe someone in your family might as Christmas is just around the corner.

I have just the main drill kit with two batteries. I love it, and paid more than this. I would definitely buy again.

Sold out. Dang. It is what it is, namely that I didn’t check out earlier.

Right when I was about to buy this, it sold out. Why dont you guys sell more useful stuff like this instead of all that electronic garbage no one needs. Screw you woot.