Hitachi 16” PureFire 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chain Saw

Just in time for the Zombie Apocalypse!

Does this come with an attachment for the wife?

So you’re dying for comments, huh? Well, it’s better than dying at the hands of a maniac with a CHAINSAW!!!

Sorry, sorry, I know these are useful. I’d just rather have an electric cake slicer.

Is this a preview? The Home.Woot page is still showing the Stanley Tool Bag.

UPDATE: It’s not now. Weird.

Stuff like this makes me miss my backyard.

Imagining Tommy and Ash fighting over this thing…

Fitting for what day it is:

Actually a pretty good deal. $90 cheaper than Lowes.

Well, today IS Ash Wednesday… And those Deadites don’t kill themselves now, do they?

Buy 2, the one I have will not start when it’s hot. Cheap plastic body is too light. Worst Hitachi product I have ever owned.

I will use this to break into WOOT! headquarters and get me some CRAP!

Shop smart, shop S mart…

$168 on Amazon, but has very mixed reviews. I think “light duty” is the best description.

…Friday the 13th is also just around the corner. Who knows what demons will rise where this would be perfect…

Is this from the same company that makes the Magic Wand?

Does it come in purple?

GREAT saw if you need a saw for the occasional limb. LIGHT DUTY ONLY! If you need a real saw Man up, buck up and buy a Sthil.

So many trees… buy one do your part!

Buy 3, then you’ll have enough chainsaws to juggle!