Hitachi 18-Volt 1/2” Cordless Driver Drill Bundle

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Hitachi 18-Volt 1/2" Cordless Driver Drill Bundle
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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how long does the charge last?

You know the drill guys…get buying.

4/16/11 woot


They generally(in most applications) are very weak and low on capacity.

How long can you expect the batteries to last? A year? Two years?

I’d love to buy this, but I think my $85 bucks would be better spent on a Mother’s Day gift for the wife…Damn you Hallmark!

I have the NiMH version of this Drill, and it is a great drill. Unfortunately, the NiCd version is not so wonderful. It has less power than the NiMH version, and does not last nearly as long.

Does a keyless chuck hold securely?

Hitachi DS18DVC Product Web Site

Subjective question based on what you’re doing and how much torque/speed is required.

Personally if I need to be drilling stuff for hours on end I tend to use a lot of lube and… A drill press if ya know what I mean.

On a more serious note. It’s 18v NiCad, so its gonna be decently heavy to lug around, and will have way more torque available than the average home user will need.

If length of use is truly your concern either buy a couple of spare batteries, or get yourself a backup drill that has a cord.

Anyone know how good the battery life is?

This deal is screwed

Is this compatible with 8 bits?

these comments oughta be punishable!

If I purchased this as a gift for a casual handyman, would he appreciate it or would he secretly wish I had given a Makita?

Given the shortcomings of NiCd batteries, how feasible/cost-effective would it be to purchase this and then a replacement NiMH battery pack (or 2)?

Many good camera deals.

And great deals on the small petty stuff.

The dual screen thing was very woot!esque if you ask me


Also went to the garage to verify I have this exact set. I don’t use it commercially, I use it for small projects, and have had no issues with it!

I agree.

NiCads will deliver more current under heavy load, which should translate to more torque. NiCads also have a higher self-discharge rate so they will go dead if you don’t use the drill for a while. They also have a “memory effect” and you should discharge them pretty much totally before you recharge or you will shorten their life. NiMH have a higher energy capacity, so they will last longer and not discharge themselves as fast, but they’re not as powerful.

I have a twenty year old Makita with the two original NiCad packs and while the batteries are finally just about at the end of their lives, it is still going. It’s been a great drill and has seen some heavy use.

they would appreciate this but they would really need a makita. a makita is more useful. this is handy to have around.