Hitachi 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Grass Trimmer

**Item: **Hitachi 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Grass Trimmer
Price: $129.99
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What is the manufacturer warranty in this item?

It’s under the “Features” listing on the Main Page:
Warranty: 7 Year Hitachi

I have one – bought it a year ago, paid $50 more than this on Amazon. Totally satisfied and love it. I would say I wish I had waited to get it at this kind of deal, but I’ve gotten enough use out of it to more than make up for it. Highly recommended.

4.5 stars on Amazon $199.95
$151-$249 Google Shopping. Reviews on Amazon

Accessories on Amazon cost as much ore more.

Works with Hitachi Attachments
You can set up the trimmer for application-specific performance using a series of Hitachi attachments. An edger tool, an articulating hedge trimmer tool, a pole saw tool, and a mini-cultivator tool are each compatible with this Hitachi trimmer body (attachments not included).

The trimmer can also be used with a blade and a blade conversion kit (not included) for trimming back tough, brushy overgrowth.

From Hitachi, the CG22EADSLP Two-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Split-Shaft Grass Trimmer features a commercial-grade engine, an extended-reach 60.3-inch drive shaft crafted from solid steel, and a cutting head with a semi-automatic line dispenser. Use this CARB-compliant tool to trim around gardens, porches, or walkways, or to tackle big cleanup jobs. The lightweight trimmer features the S-Start system, an anti-vibration design, and PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology that reduces fumes.

21 cc commercial-grade engine lets you easily trim grass, weeds, and brush

4-inch semi-automatic cutting head holds 13 feet of line

PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology reduces fumes; CARB Tier III compliant

S-Start system makes pull starts easy on your body

Anti-vibration system and lightweight body for user comfort

Whether you’re cutting back grass, weeds, or brush, a trimmer can only perform as well as the engine behind it. This Hitachi trimmer’s 21 cc commercial-grade engine features PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology. Fewer fumes mean safer operation and less environmental impact. This design makes the trimmer CARB Tier III compliant for use in California.

In addition, this trimmer’s engine features Hitachi’s S-Start system. This starting system reduces the amount of force necessary for pull starting, which reduces the amount of stress placed on your body.

Semi-Automatic Cutting Head Dispenses Line as You Need It
With a semi-automatic cutting head, this trimmer dispenses line as you need it. The 4-inch head can hold up to 13 feet of .095-inch co-polymer cutting line and delivers a cutting swath of 17 inches.

The head is positioned at the end of a 60.3-inch solid steel drive shaft, which makes it easy for you to trim in tight spaces.

Lightweight, Anti-Vibration Design for User Comfort
The trimmer weighs 10.2 pounds when fully assembled–including the cutting head and safety guard. Its lightweight design aims to reduce operator fatigue and improve maneuverability. The trimmer also features an anti-vibration system and convenient D-style front handle for additional comfort.

For durability, a protective cover shields the fuel tank from wear and tear.

7 Year Consumer Warranty
This Hitachi straight split-shaft commercial-grade grass trimmer is backed by a seven-year consumer warranty. When used in non-rental commercial applications, the trimmer is covered by a two-year warranty. When used in rental applications it is covered by a one-year warranty.

Love the idea of the available attachments - but they cost so much it’s cheaper to buy separate tools, which makes absolutely no sense.

Good deal on the trimmer (I’m getting one) but don’t look at it for it’s interchangeability - you’ll be spending 2X to get there

Looks like the string rotates counter clockwise… I bought a trimmer that rotated counter clockwise once… Once!

It does appear that way. I have used one too, and HATED it. Plus the fact that it’s a straight shaft makes it that much worse. Straight shafts are great for trimming underneath low hanging obstacles, but a chore to use otherwise.

Yet you’ll never see a pro without a straight shaft…

Have it… love it.

This is actually a “split” shaft as it takes attachments though.

For a small home owner curved might be easier, but straight shafts are more powerful and this particular tool borders on the line of pro-power. I have a big yard… and I mow through it with this bad boy. It’d cut through a bush if I let it.

Also if you’re very short curved might be better but if you’re tall it would be a hindrance.

Mine starts up effortlessly and I’ve had it run hard for hours straight and been comfortable. The included shoulder strap works very well for walking around and edging your driveway or garden without killing your arm or back. I can stay upright without fatigue and am 5’10".

The attachments for the Hitachi on Amazon seem nearly the same price as the equivalent in Echo’s PAS lineup (

While attachments aren’t cheap, they are far cheaper than buying dedicated equipment. You usually already realize savings with the first additional attachment you buy. Although direct comparisons are’t really there (usually variances in cutter length and engine size, e.g. 20" dedicated articulating hedge trimmer vs 17" only as an attachment), roughly equivalent dedicated equipment circles $450 each for the two categories I looked at. That’s much more than if you had the powerhead and wanted to add an attachment that did nearly the same thing.

Great trimmer. I made a video on how to change the line. Instructions are awful, but it’s really simple.


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I am a little pissed that Woot dropped the price on this $30 since I bought one here for $159.99 on 9/3. Same model number, I checked. Works great, though, and is relatively quiet.

Hate the fact that you can’t turn the direction of the trimmer shaft so can use it as an edger as well. Bad Design!!!