Hitachi 2TB Duo Pro Quad Raid External FireWire/USB/eSATA Hard Drive

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Hitachi 2TB Duo Pro Quad Raid External FireWire/USB/eSATA Hard Drive
$84.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I would have considered it had it had USB 3.0 compatibility.

Aww man, I bought the 2TB Solo Trial Trio Raid Interal WaterWire version a couple days ago, this one is 0.0005% thinner, I must get it!

In for 10 of them! Now I can finally rule the world.

Both of my hitachis are loud and hot.

These are Crap!

This Raid did not kill bugs very well at all.

I wonder if that thing’s in a Raid 1 or a Raid 0.

I’m guessin it’s 0, since it’s a 2TB drive, but I still wonder.

Still haven’t maxed my current 1 TB of storage yet, though, no need for this thing. xD

-edit: stupid typos burns

Wish it had ethernet connection for true raid array capability on a router

Don’t say anything to discourage people from buying these up. =)

… the Click Free is so completely more useful than this …

This requires a power cord, right?

cool buy 3 of them

Someone just did

From the Fatwallet forum:

“Yes, it has 2 of 1TB drive inside of it. I had 3 of this model for my company for daily backup. 2 of them had to be RMA within 8 months; and one of the two had to be RMA twice. Well, it hasn’t been fixed yet. The HDDs inside are fine, just the RAID broad can only run on RAID-0 mode after few times of switching. RAID-1 worked for few months and all the sudden die. I gave up making another RMA any more. Good luck.”

Fair warning given.

Are you talking about your hitachi magic wands? :slight_smile:

I just spent 60 bucks for 500G. Oh it hurts.

Exactly what I thought. Copying over 2 TB up to 5 Gbps vs max 480 Mbps? I suppose it would be good for media players, such as plugging it into that WD Live type player, and even Roku though.

I think he meant his hibachi.