Hitachi 30GB Blu-Ray HDD/DVD High Definition Camcorder

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Hitachi 30GB Blu-Ray HDD/DVD High Definition Camcorder
$429.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Hitachi DZ-BD7HA 30GB Blu-Ray HDD/DVD Camcorder

This is a nice price. i’ve seen them for almost twice this price. i’m just not ready to make the leap.

Here is an extensive review of this camcorder.

Average rating on Buzzillions is 4 stars. Decent woot.

I’m still a fan of HDD based cameras. They just seem simpler to use. Is that just me?

Camcorder info review:
The DZ-BD70HA ($1,350 MSRP) is identical to the DZ-BD7HA (Review, Specs, $499.95), except that it lacks a 30 GB HDD and records exclusively to DVD. In Hitachi’s world, it costs $250 to become a hybrid, but neither of these camcorders are worth even half their respective price tags. With deplorable video quality and limited manual controls, no camcorder within this price range could be proud.

No thanks. Good night.

Stay away - review state terrible in low light.

Check reviews at Circuit City

OMFG - Come on woot - check out Amazon reviews on this POFS!

I have never seen reviews so low!!! Ugh!

I actually want to purchase a HD camcorder - but NOT THIS ONE!


“The video performance from the DZ-BD7HA is tremendously disappointing, due largely to abysmal auto controls coupled with the lack of manual controls. Indoor video, even in adequate lighting (80 to 300 lux, which is sufficient for reading fine print), is poorly colored, grainy, and extremely prone to motion blur. Auto focus and exposure are among the worst of year.”
Do you still want to buy it?

Why can’t woot ever have decent HD Camcorders? They always have the worst ones you can find.

Woot is a sell-off website. They peddle the stuff that’s been sitting on warehouse shelves because no one wanted it.

Everything that I have seen suggests that this is a poor buy, unless you have a specific reason to have something like this.

I would buy this, but I don’t want to be responsible for the blackout removed from 83% of states. In this time, more than ever, we need to conserve energy. With the power it takes to light up my home state with a woot purchase I could feed 7 Ethiopians. Perhaps I’ll just move to Nebraksa and then buy one…

“Woots purchased per person by state. The brighter the state, the more its residents bought.” In this case the darker the state the brighter its residents are!

So, after 16 hours they have sold 19 units?

Not so good.

yes 450 for this carrot.
it was a perfect combo…30Gb with Bluray…but not rite now…