Hitachi 320GB Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 External Drive

Overpriced and a poor product.

2007 called. They want their pricing back.

If it doesn’t float I want my money back

And 320 Gb?! Pass!

This drive does not actually hover, that feature comes in only the 500GB and above models.

I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of USB 2.0 devices getting discounted for USB 3.0 devices.

320GB? what is this, 2003?


Finally, some crap!


woot! sure “drives” a “hard” “bargain” with this one :slight_smile:

Hey Woot!How you doin?

the one in the picture floats. false advertising…

All jokes aside, will this get hot enough to place the Livestrong teakettle on to boil water and recycle that heat energy?


Nice, 320 GB for this price, or 2TB earlier in the Woot-Off?

No brainer…unless you happen to regularly fall and issue 400G’s to your gear…

Seems pricey at first, but it FLOATS! Floating external hard drive ftw! (Or maybe it’s flying! Which is even cooler!)

Why is this a good deal you could get a 2tb for the same price on newegg

boo!! cmon woot!

Damn, guys. Is this really that crappy of an external drive? I need one quite desperately…

Pardon my ignorance =)

Dangit I lol’d in class…