Hitachi 340110C Stator 115V H90SB Replacement Part

Ah yes, my Hitachi 340110C Stator 115V H90SB Standard Part failed just last night so I thought to myself, “I wonder if Woot has exactly what I need for my Hitachi Power tool?” Lo and behold, I check out Woot to find my very own Hitachi 340110C Stator 115V H90SB Replacement Part! Amazing! Woot comes through again!

Come on, Woot. Washing machine switch units, fridge wire shelves, a, “roof cap aluminum 8 round duct” (whatever the hell that is)…what is the deal with all the completely random crap on Flash Deals? Did you go to all these companies and pull the most random crap out of their garbage bin to sell here? Does this stuff actually sell?

No. We went through old crap sitting around in Amazon warehouses and decided to sell it.

And surprisingly, they do sell.

Plus, they’re fodder for some fun comments. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Fair enough. Just some weird stuff.

When your Hitachi Avada Kedavra Genital destroyer magic wand burns out you need this to rebuild it