Hitachi 50" Class 4K Ultra HD TV - 50C61

Hitachi 50" Class 4K Ultra HD TV - 50C61

Does this have any type of warranty?

This is my first 50" TV, and also the first under $200 (refurb). Not many vendors are selling this specific model, but Sam’s Club does, and while 11 reviews isn’t a lot, it’s a lot more than zero. A few reviewers dissed the video and audio, but a greater number praised both. Got a 3.8 of a possible 5.0 overall.

It doesn’t seem to be a “smart” tv (with Roku, Fire, or Chromecast circuitry built-in), but since I already have a decent Roku, no prob in my case.

I’ll expand on this review after it arrives and I’ve tried it out, but I hope that this “premature” review will be of some use to Wooters who want a big but cheap TV.

90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

This isn’t a “smart” TV, which may be a good thing, actually, since many people already have a smart device like Android TV, Roku, etc. The refresh rate of 120 is very good. The only negative I see is it doesn’t support HDR of any kind. That’s a deal-breaker for me.

Just got this TV today and it came with an RCA remote and the remote doesn’t work at all. Anyone else get this same issue?