Hitachi 725213B50 24-Teeth Tungsten Carbide

??? Looks like this price isn’t much better then the everyday price you find at most sites like Amazon and…$219.99 with free shipping !!!

About 10 bucks per blade. Regular home depot price for diablo blades is about 10 bucks as well and diable blades are much better. No thanks

I wonder what makes this blade cost 10X more than similar blades?

It’s apparently a pack of 50 blades, yet that critical piece of information is lacking in the description.

$190/50 = $3.80 a blade.

It’s actually called out in the title.
“Hitachi 725213B50 24-Teeth Tungsten Carbide 50-pack”

Construction crew? Yes. Homeowner? Probably more than one will ever need in a lifetime.

Heh, I had just updated the title to make it more obvious. :slight_smile: