Hitachi 728762 10-Inch Turbo Diamond Saw Blade

Probably a nice blade. No reviews yet at, but it is available with Prime shipping for $23.16 (ships and sold by

Link below:

Ditto…saw the same thing…staff maybe should try Googling some of these ‘‘sale’’ prices :frowning:

Thanks for the link! I’ve passed it on to the Tools team to see what we can do with our price.

Changing the price might help you sell more of these blades. I would hope you would also reach out to dopope since dopope is listed in the sales stats as the “First Sucker” and the “Last Wooter to Woot.” I have avoided jumping to any conclusions about the intent or judgements about the competency of the woot! staff because I am far from perfect.

Better to be TaylorSwiftsHaircut than TaylorSwiftsLastBeau!

If we lower prices on live sales, we make sure to apply it to all purchasers.

Since instead of lowering the price, woot! canceled the sale by converting the status to “sold out” after apparently selling 1 item, what will woot! do for the lone purchaser? Just curious?

We couldn’t come down on the price, so ended the sale. I don’t know any more details than that. Sorry!

Great news! The price is now up to $52.95 at the one store to rule them all. You can relist this for $49.95 now. (Isn’t it a bit Trumpian to list the status as sold out when you pulled the item after selling one unit?)

Sometimes we are unable to lower the price due to our cost.

I’ve noticed this happening quite a bit since amazon bought woot. Magically the woot price is lower than the amazon price and so the solution is to jack the amazon price up. Nothing shady here

We’d love to have that control but we don’t. Usually what happens is the inventory from the one retailer on Amazon is bought out and the sale rotates to the next retailer which might be at a different price.